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  1. lazyfish

    Lazyfish Breeds Ultra Dogs

    Hello Everyone on :420: The pleasure is mine! Please smoke this: :48: I want to start a thread to communicate the particular strain of Ultra Dog and the aspects of its future breeding and gentetics. I am very NEW to breeding and want to do something besides chucking pollen. I want seeds worth...
  2. lazyfish

    Why 420?

    Why do we commemorate 420? What does 420 mean to you? :Love:
  3. lazyfish

    Harvest or no?

  4. lazyfish

    Money stolen - How to buy seeds?

    Hello, So a couple months ago I sent cash in the mail to buy seeds from a very reputable company in Amsterdam and they have not acknowledged receipt of the cash. I cannot use a credit card or check and there is no safer way than to send cash. I don't think I have any other way to find seeds...
  5. lazyfish

    Potentially Perpetual Production Of Pot

    Hello Everybody, I stopped writing journals because it took a lot of time out of my day with downloading pictures and such. I downloaded the 4:20 app and it's super easy to snap a picture and post it so I'mma start up another Journal. I guess I might as well give you the general rundown on...
  6. lazyfish

    Bad time in my outdoor garden - Big Thai about to die

    Long story.... She was perfectly healthy. Two weeks ago it started yellowing a bit and I know that flowering is coming and I boosted the N a bit with fish emulsion. Yellow leaves toward the bottom and the all the fan leafs started yellowing, progressively going from the bottom to the middle to...
  7. lazyfish

    How much do I need to fertilize large outdoor plants?

    Hello Everyone, I have a large 6 foot outdoor plant and it has started showing yellowing leaves and burnt tips at the lower mid and close to the top sections of the plant. When I first noticed this two weeks ago I gave it a foliar spray with seaweed extract (micronutrients) and fertilized with...
  8. lazyfish

    Are these male flowers mature?

    Hello again, I found what seem to be male flowers on this here plant. Do you think they are mature enough to give pollen? I found another one that was much larger a week ago, but all the rest are small like this.... This is one on the end of my finger This is one on the plant...
  9. lazyfish

    Malawi Gold

    Malawi Gold from Ace seeds; day 40 of flower. Only about 24 inches tall. :Love:
  10. lazyfish

    Dr. Grinspoon

    Day 35 of flower: :Love:
  11. lazyfish

    Pic - What is this discoloration?

    Hello and Happy New Year! I was hoping somebody might be able to have a look at this here leaf. It is sort of darker and shiny green/blue looking between the veins. The smaller leaves at the top of the photo are sort of deformed at the tips. Here is a (more) healthy leaf...
  12. lazyfish

    Question about seeds found in bagweed that had bananas

    ...They sprouted and I would like to know if they will be hermaphrodite or can I expect 50/50 male/female??? Here they are. The one in the yogurt container was sort of a joke because I wanted to see how big it would grow in a tiny container. The other one on the I did not feed any calcium or...
  13. lazyfish

    Free & Easy Hygrometer Calibration!

    Calibration Method. It is only coincidence that the Temperature was very close to 75.... 'Tis the curing season...
  14. lazyfish

    Critique my cloning method

    Hello Everyone! I love this website! Thank you all for all the information and help you have provided here... Okay, I have not had much luck with cloning in the past. I stepped it up and got a thermostat for my heat mat and also paid more attention to sanitation and got some rockwool...
  15. lazyfish

    Month old and she just stopped growing

    Hello, I have only experienced a couple grows myself and I have been struggling with this fact for a while. I start a seed and everything seems to go fine until about a month in and they just seem to stop growing. Sometimes I leave them alone and sometimes I fert, sometimes only water...
  16. lazyfish

    Outdoor Grow - Big Bud #2 - Blue Dream - Purple Bud

    Hello everyone! So, it's legal in Oregon now! Here are my 4 plants. They are all being grown organically outdoors. I made some compost last year and spread it in the yard and overwintered. When I do fertilize I use fish emulsion, liquid sea extract and Eleanor's vf-11. I use as directed...
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