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  1. mcloadie

    Mcloadie's Fourth Grow Journal

    Well, I gess I'm going to do this, I'm still nervous as hell after getting ripped off, there are so many implications. It looks as though it was a kid that did it...thank God my dog wasn't out when it happened.....I would give the whole thing up just to have my dog let the person get away....I...
  2. mcloadie

    Magical Butter Machine Review

    I recieved my Magical butter machine in the mail, I was excited to get it, and upon opening it I was surprized to see the quality of construction of the machine. This thing is heavy duty, not like a coffee pot, or average household appliances, trust me, this thing is not going to fall apart and...
  3. mcloadie

    McLoadie's Third Grow Journal

    :welcome:High, and welcome to mcloadies third grow journal!:circle-of-love:
  4. mcloadie


    What happened to the format on my journal? I don't like the new format....please change it back! Thank-you
  5. mcloadie

    MexiKush Strain Review

    Mexikush is the product of a cross between mexican brickweed bagseed and bubblegum kush Organically grown indoors, this plant produced acceptable yields. Buds are medium thick and very chewy. It smells fruity and spicy with a hint of earth. The buzz is a good sativa high, lots of thinking...
  6. mcloadie

    Mcloadie's Second Grow Journal

    I guess I'll do this again. Here we go: Grow space is 37" x 66" x 8' It is located in a bathroom bi pass closet with the doors removed. Strains are as follows; 1 ea.- pow33 x ch9 - seed 1 ea.- afghan kush - seed 1 ea.- caramelo - seed 2 ea.- rpv kush ( my breeding ) seed 1 ea.- 7ymexikush...
  7. mcloadie

    My First Grow Journal - By Mcloadie

    Well, here we go. This will be my third indoor grow. I just aborted my second indoor grow due to diseased plants, my fault, soil didn't have enough drainage, couldn't get them dried out before the fungus gnats took over and they were stunted and my time is better spent on new plants that i'll...
  8. mcloadie

    Induction lighting configuration

    Just got my induction light...indagro 420. How far above the girls should it be...,.about 14 inches now thanks
  9. mcloadie

    Lower yellowing leaves

    Howdy, Ive got 6 kush plants 3 months old, 12/12 under 600 flouro. Given em all purpose miracle grow, G O bloom food and just gave em a shot of camg 1/2 dose to start. Should I expect results? My last grow went without incident. I did change to some miracle grow soil this time too....WTF.....My...
  10. mcloadie

    Don't want to f up my first harvest

    My first harvest is nearing (I hope) and I don't want to f this up. I've got several varieties growing and I'm thinking if I can learn this with the first variety to finish I won't f up the rest. This is what I've got; Durban poison (supposedly, It's kush anyway), 6 months old today, trichromes...
  11. mcloadie


    Howdy I'm Mcloadie I'm 52 years old, my body is all jacked up and I'm a medical user. I can't afford to pay for high quality weed and I've started growing for myself at least. I like being able to get information about cultivation and see what all the other loadies are up to. I find the...
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