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  1. Equanimity

    Equanimity's 4th Grow - Going Perpetual - Lots of Strains

    Equanimity's 4th Grow Going Perpetual I fucking love growing weed now. I've actually turned down sex to go tend to my plants. I know, right? Also, this is my 1500th post... Is that a thing? The Strains Lemon Kush Money Maker Cookies Kush Critical Sensi Star Strawberry Blue White Widow x Big...
  2. Equanimity

    Herbies Head Shop

    I'd like to mention how pleased I am with these guys. I've ordered three times from them now and every time it's the same deal: I place my order and the seeds are in my hands the next day. They all arrive discreetly which, when you're getting seeds sent, is what you want. Got a bunch of free...
  3. Equanimity

    Canna Boost

    Anyone here use it? any good? it seems to have a ridiculous price tag. Is it worth it?
  4. Equanimity

    Planning New Grow Room

    Hello friends :) I've been growing for almost a year and I want to celebrate by creating a new, bigger grow area. I currently have the cabinet from my last grow in a room on it's own along with "the nursery" which is a crappy pine wardrobe that my seedlings germinate in and a small...
  5. Equanimity

    Looking to replace a 600W HPS with an LED

    I'm looking at the Mars II 1600W as it appears to be loads cheaper than when I last looked... Or maybe I'm less poor, I don't know... Still wearing the same clothes though :P Would this panel be adequate to replace the hortilux?
  6. Equanimity

    Equanimity - Isolation

    Final report, the white room. Third officer reporting. The other members of the crew; Joanne, Carla, Josie, Cheryl, Leanne and Kerry are dead. Cargo smoked and destroyed. I should reach the next harvest within six days. With a little luck the single dry bud on the rack will pick me up. This...
  7. Equanimity

    A poll about hermies

    So, I'm on my second grow and I've had 5 plants out of 17 go hermie. Of that figure, 3 hermies were on my previous grow and 2 in the current grow. Of these 17 plants, 13 were 'female seeds' Lemon Kush, 1 is Super Silver Critical Haze and 3 are Humboldt's Blue Dream. The hermies have all...
  8. Equanimity

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Hello gang :) Now as I'm getting more experienced as a grower, I'd like to begin cultivating something a little more useful than "what gets me smashed" since I already know how to do that. I have a friend who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis; she's a former toker but no longer has a...
  9. Equanimity

    Cluster Headaches, Weed & You

    I thought I'd make this post in an effort to help those who, like me, suffer from what are known as "Cluster Headaches". First, we need to know what a cluster headache is - as the name suggests, these are headaches that come in clusters; the description from the "migraine trust" website...
  10. Equanimity

    Bruce banner seeds

    Hey guys. I'm trying to find somewhere to purchase some bruce banner seeds in the UK I've done a few searches on google but can't find anything from seed banks I've used before, which makes me wonder where the hell they are. I'd e slightly skittish about using a seed bank I've never tried...
  11. Equanimity

    Equanimity's 2nd Grow - The White Room - HPS & CFL - 3 Strains & Sex for Afters

    Hello again 420magazine :) I have now collected all of the required items for my new grow and I am ready to begin again. I hope to use what I've learned from your good selves and my previous grow to achieve a higher yield and better flavour than my previous grow. I also wish to breed in the...
  12. Equanimity

    My new grow area

    Greetings :) I have created a new grow space out of a pair of old wardrobes. They have two of their doors removed, placed facing each other with a big gap between. Next, the two remaining doors are opened and then screwed to each other to form the back wall and the removed doors placed down...
  13. Equanimity

    breeding queries

    hey guys :) I'm hoping to do some breeding on my next grow. I've got three different strains with which I can breed. I'm going to be using the colloidal silver method. The colloidal silver method will involve turning one female plant male and then harvesting the pollen, I'll then use this...
  14. Equanimity

    Lighting help

    Hey been lookin at different lights for my next grow, there are several things I'd like to ask before i head down a particular path. Firstly, the grow area the lights will occupy is a an enclosed space made out of two old wardrobes (closets) that are facing each other with the doors...
  15. Equanimity

    Alien ships over Belfast

    I was talking to a friend and colleague; he's got street smarts - that is to say he's not the sharpest tool but a tool nonetheless. He stood next to me smoking a fag and just said "I'm not normally one to believe in aliens mate but you should have seen what I sww last night". "What was...
  16. Equanimity

    brownish patches & slightly crispy leaves

    Hello all. I am about 28 days into my grow, the details follow: lemon kush grown in coir nutes are canna coco a+b currently feeding 1ml a & 1ml b into 2 litres of water. lights are CFL; 2x300w, 4x35w. last feed was saturday night (may 24) and it was this date when i topped to the...
  17. Equanimity

    bioluminescent weed

    I've been looking into the practicalities of growing a glowing strain of weed. Now, I've located a culture called "luciferase" but it's quite expensive. Has anyone here tried this before or thought about doing it? Any implications and results would be salubrious. If i can scare up the...
  18. Equanimity

    Liberty Haze

    So, I've seen a few people having grown this but not so many smoke reports etc. it looks excellent on paper but then so did new labour, obama care and the millenium dome so... yeah. Anyone here grown it? is it yum yum? See, if i go for this strain, it's pretty expensive, so I'll also be...
  19. Equanimity

    highest yielding strains

    what are the highest yielding strains that you know of? either photoperiod or automatic... I'm sitting with seedlings and I'm already thinking about what to grow next; found a strain called Liberty Haze which looks outstanding, however, the seeds are most expensive lol
  20. Equanimity

    Auto Speed Bud

    Hello, Does anyone here have any experience with this strain? I got a free seed of it and I've just planted it to see what i get, it's a bit Mystery Meat cos i can't find many people that have grown it; there's a few product descriptions on various seed sites and a grow journal in French...
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