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  1. onthe420train

    On the 420 Train Grow

    So to this point, there have been no hold ups or issues. Still finishing up the old mother girls from the last go. No new pics yet, just have been rushing through the motions. Checking pH and EC quickly and effectively balancing all the formulas without spending glorious amount of time gawking...
  2. onthe420train

    Onthe420train's Back in Bubbles Grow

    This grow became over a pound harvest. I totally neglected to finish this journal or take any pictures because I've been super busy with other things, but my new grow is in my signature. Thanks!
  3. onthe420train

    On the 420 Train Grow

    using maxi grow and maxi bloom dry nutrients in DWC a harvest of a pound was acquired in the fall (400+600 hps in flower), but following that we converted to perpetual, but before it could get to good cycling, we lost our tray of clones to negligence. then decided to take more clones and flower...
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  5. onthe420train

    On the 420 Train Grow

    here is the link to my gallery has the pictures the most recent ones are easy to locate - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery sorry for the poor picture quality I'm using my cellphone's 3.2 mp with no flash. better macros will be showing up. some finishing up - big beautiful afghan kush special...
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  12. onthe420train

    On the 420 Train Grow

    Well I stopped journals a while ago but going to get back at it as we start using flood table again. Much le ss maintenance than deep culture because only having one reservoir for a large area. Anyways not much to post yet... some pics coming up in a minute
  13. onthe420train

    LED DIY, could this be the answer?

    sounds pretty close to impossible to make those work. 72 lumens? no thankyou. from what I've read you want LEDs that are 1-3 watts each, and lots of them.
  14. onthe420train

    Onthe420train's Back in Bubbles Grow

    woops i will update pics soon. sorrrrry keep totally forgetting. seems like alot of nutes but I use maxigrow and maxibloom and at $30 for 2kg of nutrients and 5g/gallon it is not running out very fast at all. Although now that they are flowering nicely and beginning to swell I need to use...
  15. onthe420train

    Onthe420train's Back in Bubbles Grow

    definitely jungle boogie. the Kalichakra is some south / s.east Asian blend. Advertised as a good anti-depressant indoor sativa (high) dominant hybrid.
  16. onthe420train

    Onthe420train's Back in Bubbles Grow

    18 gal tanks. Heres an updated picture from sunday, I think. There is a 6th box in there now with a fluoro on it growing 6 afghan kush. SO there are 5 tubs with Kalichakra and 1 tub with Afghan kush and no more empty floor space. 600w hps + 110w T5HO This week adding 500w (250mh+250hps)...
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  18. onthe420train

    Onthe420train's Back in Bubbles Grow

    Yeah they are in maxigro EC 1.5-2.0, I drop the pH down once in a while. roots all over. I have water pumps to change res out... pretty sure I'll remember to do that thanks :ganjamon:
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  20. onthe420train

    Onthe420train's Back in Bubbles Grow

    its going well, about 18 clones are well rooted into their buckets and vegging under fluorescent and another 5 are still pushing for roots out of the netcups. Have room for 25 plants as of now, upping to 30 plants once more clones become available possibly through trade. here is one picture...
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