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  1. NoVentInMyHouse

    Help with lights

    Hi, i have tried to grow before, but since the shop didnt tell me that you can definitly not run a 600w hps in a 80cmx80cmx160cm (2,5x2,5) tent, well i burnt all my plants and with nowhere to take then, gone they were. So now, attempt number 2, i decided to ask the pro's for some help. So using...
  2. NoVentInMyHouse

    Success ABC & Gorilla never seen before

    Get this, my mate works as a genetic engeneer, and this motha.f.er smokes weed aswell but he cant plant it because he has too much to lose (illegal here) and we got ABC seeds, and crossed it with gorilla, i dont know what the f happened, i couldnt cross it myself, with sucess (keeping high thc...
  3. NoVentInMyHouse

    DIY Cannabis interspecies crossing

    I was watching this and an idea came to mind, has anyone tried this with cannabis? With a Male plant to see what the fuck do the seeds germinate into after it? Cannabis id prohibited all over but if we could get a stable species engenieer maybe with corn or whatever wich uses the same soil we...
  4. NoVentInMyHouse

    What green is healthier?

    So the color is changing a lot everyday and i wanted to ask, first of all is it getting sick, or getting good from sickness or just doing well and with no problems, and also what to do to improve that. Here are some pics to have some info on the colours.
  5. NoVentInMyHouse

    420 On Soil Tri Mutant Gorilla Auto Crazy Conditions Survivor

    Mutant Gorilla posing at day 7 a good day for a clowdy day out Hum, so where do i start... Helloooooo everystonerbody this is my first attempt at growing from seed to harvest ever, i've done some experiments before and killed everyone of them due to visits or just pure mental illness. But...
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