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    Wandering Away With A DWC Of Mephisto Genetic's Fugue State

    3 seeds popped into moist Roo tit sponges yesterday. Sitting on a seed mat in the dark.
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    Hydro: Mephisto Genetics Sour Stomper & Samsquanch OG

    Tying some Mephisto Genetics Artisanals. Just popped 5 Sour Stomper and 2 Samsquanch OG seeds into Rootit cubes to germinate. Planned growth media is DWC using Dutch Pro Auto Hydo nutes after Canna Start nutes under Quantum Boards in an indoor tent. Samsquanch OG Size - 70 to 90cm...
  3. BirdieNumNum

    Royal Cookies Automatic

    After my run in with the wife and local constabulary I am back........fortunately so is the wife who had some kind of breakdown as a result of her dads death... Started off with 5 Royal Cookies automatic seeds from RQS. Germination in Rootit cubes with Phd RO water and Canna Rhizotonoic and...
  4. BirdieNumNum

    Question on the use of Prismatic Diffuser Panels on lighting

    This premium LED Veg light uses a prismatic diffuser "The diffused borosilicate glass lense scatters the light over the grow area ensuring uniformity (no hot spots) and penetration into the plant canopy. " This article The Ultimate Lighting Guide for Cannabis Cultivation says "Seedlings...
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    RQS White Widow: Noob Indoor DWC Grower

    Strain White Widow Feminised photoperiod - Royal Queen Seeds Environment In a small tent, small DWC tank, wit hairpump and stones, under a 65w Quantum Board, PH around 6, EC around 0.9 Air temp mid to low 20s. Canna Start nutes, Canna CalMag and some Canna Rhizotonic in it.
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    RQS Sweet Zkittlez: Noob Indoor DWC Grower

    Strain Royal Queen Seeds - Sweet Zkittlez Feminised Photoperiod Environment Popped 3 seeds into a glass of warm water on the window sill (Mix of RO and some boiled tap (slightly hard))
  7. BirdieNumNum

    Whassup ? 4 seedlings - same strain - shared reservoir - 1 with leaf issues

    4 seedlings - same strain - shared reservoir - 1 with leaf issues Grow journal is here CBD AUTO - STRESS RELIEF Plant with what looks like a less developed root system is one with the ropey leaves.
  8. BirdieNumNum

    RQS CBD Auto, Stress Killer, DWC Hydroponic, Tent Grow, Royal Cheese Auto On The Side

    This is my second grow. Just gone in tent/reservoir today after germination Strain What strain is it? Stress Killer Growth Stage Seedling Stage Environment 1 x Citizen CLU048 1212 Gen 6 COB LED in 3500k, 60w with 155 Lumens Per Watt with 90 degree glass lens Light Schedule 24/7 (Full Fry...
  9. BirdieNumNum

    Seedling Problems

    Hydroponic DWC grow I have just plonked two few day old seedings into net pots over 100l DWC tank. they both probably have at least one small root in the solution. Under COb and a quantum board. RO water wit h1/2 strength nutes calmag in EC 1.2 Ph 5.7 ish (not fully calibrated probes i...
  10. BirdieNumNum

    A Numpty's First DWC: Autoflower Grow, Almost A Complete Fluck Up

    I think I am about 3-4 weeks in on Autoflower Easy Bud in 100 litre Deep water Culture in a grow tent. I am in the UK. True to my approach to this first grow, I haven't bothered to read the "How to write a grow Journal" Pics of my plant and tent etc..taken 2 mins ago. Essentially, the...
  11. BirdieNumNum

    Some advice please

    My first DWC auto grow. It is about 20 days old I would say atm from starting to germinate the seed. Fairly sure I damaged the tap root moving the seedling about a week or so ago. upto then is seemed fine with one set of true leaves and dark green colour. A couple of days ago it had stalled...
  12. BirdieNumNum

    We can all just get a bong

    Hello everyone. I am new to growing but have done more than my share of smoking. Hope to learn a lot and then give some back when I know wtf I am doing. Indoor DWC with autos is the way I have chosen to go.
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