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    A question.

    Do I have to grow the plants till there 8"-12" in before I take them to the place where they will grow in the ground? I would really much prefer keeping the seed and the plant in the one spot I am going to grow the whole thing at. Also I have 15 seeds of baisically swag bagseed. How much...
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    joint rolling practice.

    im a smoker on a budget ($100 or less a week). I get alot of practice, but I want more practice rolling blunts and rolling joints. so i wanna get some tobacco to practice with. so how much does some cost? I wanna spend $10... Max.
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    im so excited.

    today i bought a bowl and zig zag joint roller at the local place. i rolled 4 zags with it real quick, and double rolled them. they burned slower than alot of blunts! perfect joints all the time every time! (Im good at rolling, but not this good) the bowl im about to give a test run now. i...
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    Growing season in the south (USA)

    When is the earliest time you can begin growing outdoors in GA? I want to get some good outdoor high yielding strains with relatively high THC content. (Would big bud be good). This will be my first grow.
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