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  1. GreenThunder

    GreenThunder 4x4 Tent

    My tent was advertised as 4x4 and actually measures 4 feet and 7 inches on each side. Is this normal or did I get bonus space? My first grow was a test and the mystery plant moved in just before she began to flower. She grew before I found a very helpful forum so everything was wrong. She had...
  2. GreenThunder

    GreenThunder Dips Into Hydro

    I’m tiptoeing into the world of hydro!! Laughing Buddha, Tina, will be my Guinea pig; she was put in the bucket last night and is still alive!! She sprouted 15 days ago and lived in coco until I got around to picking up the hydro supplies. She grew a bit slanty at first. Nutes...
  3. GreenThunder

    Closet Grow With QB

    I've added a closet space to my operation. It is 2x4x5 feet and lit with an HLG 260xl quantum board. The current occupants will move in tonight (lights will be on at night instead of day) Grape Ape, 12 days above ground. Psycho clone is 30 days old.
  4. GreenThunder

    A Tale Of Two Autos: White Widow & Psycho

    32 days ago I sprouted 2 autos, a White Widow and one called Psycho that I got from my son's friend. I am using Nectar for the Gods nutes and will move these gals from the seedling/veg closet into a closet in the room where the tent is located. I am hoping/planning to add LED lighting...
  5. GreenThunder

    The Next Generation - Chocoloupe & Goldleaf - 3rd Grow In The GreenThunder Tent

    The sour diesel clones are 8 weeks in flower and trich watch is on. :D I figure they've got a couple more weeks so it's time to start the next batch!! Two of three seeds sprouted a week ago and they are either both Goldleaf or one GL and 1 Chocoloupe. I thought I soaked 2 Chocoloupe and one...
  6. GreenThunder

    Lemon Kush Mini Experiment - My Attempt At A Canna-Bonsai

    I germinated a Lemon Kush bag seed we got from a friend for a mini grow. She is growing in coco and was started in a solo cup; repotted into a 1 gallon at 3 weeks old - it took that long for her roots to reach the bottom of the cup (is that normal?) Nutes are GH Flora trio. She is now 34 days...
  7. GreenThunder

    Attack Of The Sour Diesel Clones

    I hadn't planned on taking clones from my very first grow, but Dianna (sour diesel bag seed) is such a great success I didn't want to miss out on more of her. She is super sticky and stinky... pistils and tricomes galore!! :cheer2: Three clones were cut 25 days ago when the mother was 2...
  8. GreenThunder

    My first real harvest - One plant of unknown strain

    I just harvested my first real attempt and am pleased with what she produced. She was about halfway through flowering when I found this group so didn't get the full benefit of so much newly gained knowledge She was a bag seed of unknown strain, sativa dominant, very fragrant and super sticky...
  9. GreenThunder

    GreenThunder Grow Journal #1 - Four Strains In Coco - 1000W - Sprouted 8/15/17

    The Tribe: - Bubba Kush; fem, auto; indica: Abby - Unknown strain; bag seed; indica: JJ - Sour Diesel; bag seed; sativa: Dianna - Unknown strain; bag seed; sativa: Emily My girls are in veg state; sprouted August 15 and put in 1 gallon felt containers August 20. Transferred to 5 gallon...
  10. GreenThunder

    Questions about container size and repotting stress

    Noobie here, need advice... I have a fem auto indica that sprouted 3 weeks ago. The pot she's in will be too small, I think. Will she suffer too much shock if I repot her today? Is a 5 gal enough? I also have a photo sativa, also 3 weeks old, that I started LST on but she also needs a bigger...
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