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    What should my ppm be

    My ppm is a little high this time when adding nutes it's sitting around 1309ppm I'm growing in soil with photos And 600w hps this juice will last about 4-6 days depending on how thirsty they get I also added canna accelerator as I'm just coming into my 3rd week after the flip to 12/12 pistils...
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    Wanted A Journal But Don't Know How To Start

    Well as you are probably aware I've been on here around 2 weeks now and all I can say is what a bunch of nice people great community spirit offering help to each and everyone So here goes Soil - canna terra soil Nutes for veg ionic grow and sprayed rhizotonic daily till flower started...
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    I have a 1.2mx2.4m grow tent

    I had 8 plants but due to police coming i had to put em in hiding aswell as the tent i still have 4 healthy females id post pictures but my phones to poo, i was wondering after this harvest, just how many autos could i fit it nicely for good yield, as i want the next grow to be abit quicker...
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    What nutes to use

    Am in 11 day of flower and im only using bloom and canna terra soil and clay pebbles, was wodering for my next run whar is the best soil and nutrients to use for autos as i think ima go for them next as im doing 4 females 2 strain hunter money makers 1 heavy weight fruit punch And one sour...
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    Just joined

    Hi im doing my first grow purely on knowledge from these forums am 11 days into flower and wondered what nutrients and soil would you recommend for autopots in a 2.4m x 1.2m tent 600w sunblaster cfl Currently only running 4 plants in it atm as ran into a problem where plants had to go into...
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    I haven't done a journal but I have a question

    2 strain hunter money makers 1 heavyweight fruit punch and a sour diesel there around 10-11 days in flowering i was wondering when i will start to see any progress other than stretch i have begun lst but as this is my first ever all i know is what i have read from other people and was wondering...
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