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    SOS - Wilting plant

    The PH was 7.5 ish and the water side of my gauge reads wet. Could it be that the plant is too wet. All the others are fine. I stuck my finger down in the soil and it is wet. Should I take it out of the ground and plant it in a pot and flush it out. Or just let it go a few days and wait and see...
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    New England outside grow

    Here are a few auto plants I got going. The auto blue dream is the actual strain and supposedly they will flower in 60 days. The one in the green planter had it's leaves eaten off by some kind of insect. I think I can save it. The smalller plant was disturbed from its original planter (my Dobie)...
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    Grand Daddy Purp & Green Crack

    These plants are about 10 days old now. I was hoping someone could recommend a plant food for them as they start the vegetation phase. Grand daddy purp,& green crack. It is still very choppy weather here in New England and these plants will be grown outside. Just a few days ago it was 40 degrees...
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