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    Come on folks let's see some eye candy! Here's some for ya

    Re: Come on folks let's see some eye candy! Here is some for you Beautiful! What strain is she?
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    Method Seven HPS/MH EyeGlasses: 420 Magazine Review by Aaron Quix

    Hi, Was not allowed to write pm yet..:48:
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    Method Seven HPS/MH EyeGlasses: 420 Magazine Review by Aaron Quix

    Hello Quixilvir, All is well in my world, just a little off center from the last full moon otherwise all is good, thank you for asking. Hope you are well and health is with You. I knew someone must had mentioned it or covered the subject somewhere. I did not know where or, if to post it, so...
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    Please help us. White widow in distress! Combo!? Aphids/pyrex/heat/nutes?

    And a word from our sponsor. Access Hydroponic — Grow Lights, Grow Tents, Indoor Garden Supplies Guess we start here.
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    Please help us. White widow in distress! Combo!? Aphids/pyrex/heat/nutes?

    I can ask for more information if that is needed? I will suggest re potting in a better soilmix and to do a runoff PH test of the water. That might give an indication of what the problem could be. My initial reaction was that he sprayed the plants with pyrex without covering the soil, hence...
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    Why did You start?

    I was already a smoker of cigarettes and I had been drunk on numerous occasions before i met my first joint. Me and my cousin found my mom´s and her boyfriends little nice box of paraphernalia. The year was 1992 . There was a big party the night before and me and my cuz was taking care of and...
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    Hi all, I'm back for good!

    Oh, sorry i somehow managed to assume it was an outdoor site you where at in the UK.. My bad!
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    Hi all, I'm back for good!

    Welcome back! I never even got the chance to know you where gone!? Thats how fresh i am!:welcome: Regarding UK outdoor grow maybe you could give a newbie like me on latitude 56 up north some input later on? Looking forward on seeing some of your results!
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    Pest/Worms Help!

    Auch.. That sucks.. I am sure that there is something you can do for the girls, unless it has gone to far.:30: There is probably a spray of sorts you could use to get rid of these critters. I hope you caught it in time tough.. It does not sound to good.. If you could provide some pictures it...
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    MrPeab's Outdoor Grow Journal - 2013

    Aha! :-) I see they are doing fine! I wish my garden looked something like yours.. I have to resort to guerilla growing myself. Nice work!
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    Help Please - Losing control it seems and getting lots of yellow

    Hi how is it going? Did the problem fix it self or was it the nitrogen as You suspected?
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    My baby girl is bleeding?

    I think Fuzzy Duck with Rosenthal is closest to the answer ''This sap exudate can be clear, tan, brown or even blood red. (The red colour is due to haematin compounds and anthocyanin pigments that naturally build up in some varieties; The red colour may also indicate a nutrient deficiency...
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    My baby girl is bleeding?

    She is all grown up and got her first period she is ready to flower now...:circle-of-love: I read about this in another forum years ago. They came to the conclusion (based on nothing really) that it is excess nutrients being pressed out through the stem due to overfeeding..? This grower had 8...
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    Looking for some advice on flowering plants

    Hi. Nice grow! I think it looks really good! You could supercrop and remove some leaves if You want to, there is many opinions on if that is good or bad, I am not the best to judge in that matter. Just dont supercrop and trim away fanleaves at the same time to minimize the stress. However me...
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    A zig-zag spacer made for getting light down.
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    Please help us. White widow in distress! Combo!? Aphids/pyrex/heat/nutes?

    Hello and please help, My friend contacted me with this issues, please have a look and give us some advice. Here is the history as I know it: Around 8 weeks old. Strain: White Widow started from seed. Pottingsoil with expandend clay/LECA. Location: Balcony. Problem started with minor...
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