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  1. Mmmmick

    Mmmmick 288W LED Development SCROG White Widow

    After a shipping mishap with the original,my new LED has been received and mounted, so it looks like I'm ready to start a new journal. The strain is expected to be White Widow from seed by Doggies Nutz through Attitude. 4 to 6 plants in a scrog. Scrog size to be determined by coverage. This...
  2. Mmmmick

    Mmmmick HGL 126W Demo SCROG 4 x Super Skunk x Grape Crush

    As in my completed UFO 90w grow I am doing a test grow with the 126w HGL light to determine for myself what this light can or cannot do. Not to take anything away from any other current grows under this light but there is no substitute for personal experience. I did not pay full retail for...
  3. Mmmmick

    Can nutes kill smell?

    Plants are in 2 gallon pots of promix. Lighting is the same this time as the first grow. During my first grow I had 2 plants that stunk up the whole house even while vegging. The smell stuck with them through flowering until I repotted them(newb issue) and started using Botanicare nutes...
  4. Mmmmick

    Mmmmick 1st Scrog 3 strains 90w LED closet

    Hi 420, I've been hangin around for a few months now, got my newbie grow completed and it smokes great altho yield was low for many reasons. Too wet too long(saturated almost entire veg time), too cold, few nutes, nasty repot during flower and chopped 2 or 3 weeks early. You can even toss plant...
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