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  1. BeezLuiz

    BeezLuiz & LiquidIntel Outdoor Grow 2019: White Widow, Northern Lights & CBD Lemon Potion

    After last year's successful first grow, we can't wait to get started on another outdoor grow season! :party: A little background info first: I live in Northern California's Bay Area. I've been growing tomatoes & peppers in my back yard for about 30 years, and last year my son, (@Liquidintel )...
  2. BeezLuiz

    Tutorial: Homemade Pipe Made From Your Plant Remains

    After posting pictures of my pipe on THIS THREAD, there were several requests for a tutorial. So here is my attempt at that. There's a bunch of pics so hopefully I don't get anything out of order. Here's the original pipe, but in this tutorial I'll be making a new one from the start: First...
  3. BeezLuiz

    Re-purpose Your Branches After Harvest

    After a very successful grow season (outdoor), I felt bad just throwing away the remains of my plants so I thought about making them into something else. Here's my first attempt at making a smoke pipe with my Sour Diesel trunk. I'm really happy with the results. How about the rest of you -...
  4. BeezLuiz

    Vacuum Sealing For Long Term Storage

    I've seen this topic has been touched upon from time to time, but not really answering my situation. I've got a pretty good harvest in the books - 5 outdoor plants and approx. 5 lbs of bud. I've got it all curing in glass jars and turkey bags, but want to move it to vacuum sealed bags for long...
  5. BeezLuiz

    The Dreaded Yellow Droopy Leaves

    I know this is a common question, but I'm still not quite sure what's happening to my plant. It's a Dream Queen which is Sativa dominant (70%). Growing outdoors in Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. She was doing great for the 8 weeks of veg and is now in about 5 weeks of flower. About 2 weeks...
  6. BeezLuiz

    BeezLuiz & Liquidintel's Outdoor Grow 2018

    Hey There :cool:, We're 2/3 of the way through our first grow, but I thought I would share a recap of our progress as we near the end of our flowering cycles. Info: Outdoor grow in SF Bay Area, CA One plant each of 5 different strains. Clones were purchased from our local dispensary: Dream...
  7. BeezLuiz

    A Little Help Needed To Evaluate Trichomes

    Hi All, I've got a Blueberry Muffin clone growing outdoors. It's been in flower for about 8 weeks now and seems to be getting close to harvest, but I'm just not sure yet. Your opinions would be appreciated. The hairs seem to be maybe 50% brown, and the trichs are all over the map -- a...
  8. BeezLuiz

    New to 420, First Time Grow

    Hi Everyone, I've been reading posts for a couple months and getting great info! Finally decided to register and post. I'm growing for the first time with my son. We're in sunny San Jose, CA so it's an outdoor grow. We tried 5 different clones: Sour Diesel, Blackberry Fire, Blueberry Muffin...
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