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    First HID Grow Purple Kush clone Diamond Og Clone

    in the beginging they were 4 clones from the green dragon out in the valley in socal 2 clones were shot out of the gate they wernt even routed rookie mistake even purchasing but it happens. well heres 3 week veg first weeks of flower heres heading into week 4 heres...
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    New to this site

    hey everyone, names big t i live in southern california. prop 215 compliant. work blaze work grow blaze some more get up and do it all over again livin in ridin on my grind who knows what im talking about. bills to pay son lol any who i just learned how to put pics up have a grow in progress...
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    Sweet Mango Auto Grow

    first few days week 2 week 4 missed a week have the pics on my phone my digital was dead but heres 4 to date. equipment ballast timer reflector
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    First HID Grow From Clone(s) Purple Kush Diaamond OG

    weeks 1 through 3 clones came from green dragon collective in the valley ca. clones were shot when i got them 2 out 4 1 didnt root period like it wasnt ready when i got it. pretty much a genaral hydroponics grow my base from start to finish 3x3x6 greow tent 400 watt dimmable lumetek 400sl 400...
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