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  1. ChemByrne

    Automated grow boxes

    I just checked out the Grobo and was surprised how small the thing is- 14"wide x 14" deep. I have 24"x24" and it's a tight fit for one plant. So you could fit one narrow plant in there. Weed plants are wider than 14" so it would be smushed up against the glass. I was amazed at the price, you...
  2. ChemByrne

    Week 8 Flower, Potassium Deficiency: Keep Flushing? Feed?

    Thanks for the reply, the grow has been without issue apart from not using a scrog net. I'm waiting on my phone to charge so I can take a decent photo. I'll pop one up in about 30 mins. The top colas are quite mature, but the underlings still have quite a few white hairs and are not best...
  3. ChemByrne

    Week 8 Flower, Potassium Deficiency: Keep Flushing? Feed?

    Hi,I'm growing a monster cropped clone of a Royal Gorilla- a 9 weeker , it was an absolute beast in veg and has 2 x 2 ft sq of tops. Under a Mogro cob in a 2x2 with air flow / exhaust, etc. Fed canna a&b, molasses, cal mag, & some atami bloom booster i got as a freebie. Also have Medi 1 but i...
  4. ChemByrne

    Biblical Cannabis

    I am sure I read recently that in the Bible Jesus was welcomed on Palm Sunday with "fragrant boughs of Canna Bosum" , and it really was the cannabis plant. Now on Palm Sunday they give out free tree bits outside, but it's fir tree or something like that.
  5. ChemByrne

    First Grow

    Hiya, just read your thread. I started week 7 (of a 9-10 weeker) on Sunday, and i'm hoping mine get a fair bit bigger too. Sorry to read you found a couple nanners, my tent is in my wardrobe with slatted doors for airflow, but it also means i gotta go to bed in the dark and get up in the dark...
  6. ChemByrne

    2 liter bottle nug

    Very nice!!!! I miss my "Maypole" cola i grew like that from a bagseed. Yours is only the 2nd i've seen :)
  7. ChemByrne

    2nd time trying to grow Canna plants, they're all autos except for several bag seed from a zip I have germinating right now

    Hi, and welcome! I love yr username ^-^ Cats n weed keeps me sane. So you've got some photos germing atm? How's the autos going for you? What's your set up like if you don't mind me asking?
  8. ChemByrne

    Chronic lurker says hello

    Sure wish I was more motivated to journal. :D Thanks dude. My monster cropping adventures with the same strain her offspring is in the pipeline. They've grown roots and are going back into veg, woo hoo. So more zkittlez next grow, but apparently monster cropped clones are super bushy. I'll...
  9. ChemByrne

    Chronic lurker says hello

    Just coming back to say (touch wood) that everything's good with my girl I call her Princess, not "ma bitches" like some of the lads i know :) ). A mate told me about monster cropping so I'm giving that a go so I will have something ready to go with when Princess is done in 3- 4 weeks. She has a...
  10. ChemByrne

    Seed Companies

    Ditto Barneys Farm, I have been blown away by the voracity of their feminised "Gorilla zkittles. Others are raving about Blue Gelato 41, and the Pink Kush (all fem seeds ) look amazing too.
  11. ChemByrne

    Nice looking grow, dude!

    Nice looking grow, dude!
  12. ChemByrne

    Chronic lurker says hello

    Here's the last time i grew just one in that tent, my lights are better now too.
  13. ChemByrne

    Chronic lurker says hello

    Ok I'm going to try add 2 photos, 1 today and 1 from 2 weeks ago. She is 2 ft tall and wide now, she's square like the tent , tops popping everywhere.
  14. ChemByrne

    Chronic lurker says hello

    Hope they turn out wonderful. They certainly got a lust for life.
  15. ChemByrne

    Chronic lurker says hello

    Ah thanks for the lovely welcome! I will take a few snaps of my girl and put them up shortly, I went looking thru my photo album there but only have past grows. 2x2 44in? Wow, you must have to keep 'em short. Growgirl i still feelin me head like im 20, just a LOT more sense, I'm sure you're the...
  16. ChemByrne

    Chronic lurker says hello

    Hi, thought I'd say hi instead of just reading all the time :) F, 40's, Western Europe -I've been growing about 5 yrs, on and off, depending on circumstance. I started with coco and autoflowers- a really bad choice for someone who had NO clue, so after a few terrible grows I've found me sweet...
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