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    Male or Female Plant? Thanks for chiming in!

    Hello fellow Plant lovers!....need a little help on this one....it doesn't have balls but it has some things hanging down from under the branches...perhaps the balls are yet to come?....need to get this bad boy out if its a Male! Thanks for looking and giving me your 2c worth! Best
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    Anyone using the Bubble Flow Buckets DWC?

    I just got my Bubble Flow Buckets and was just wondering if anyone else is using this system? My main question is after set up and you get all the plants in and plug it in does it need to be on a timer or does it just do its thing and you leave it on 24/7? Thx in advance for any help! Best
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    Clones around my area?

    I am having a tough time finding clones in my area.The Dispensaries advertise they have them and every time you call they don't....I have contacted a couple people online that advertise and they never got back to me.....is this some sort of super secret deal out there or something?? It's a legit...
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