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  1. Dresney

    Dresney's First Grow - Organic - Indoor - GDP - Trainwreck

    Yes, I am all right. ;) Sorry if I made you worry! I've been overtaken by life for a few days, which is okay every now and then, I guess. :) Thank you all for the wonderful comments and compliments! You guys are the best! :circle-of-love: Yeah, Loretta was a bummer, but really...
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  8. Dresney

    BB Hopes To Go Perpetual With New Strains

    Grats on all the new babies! :bravo: I think space and time and planets and stars and :51: have aligned or something because I knocked over my LA Confidential two days ago, too. :11: She's already put out new growth though, so I think she'll be okay, but sheesh. :14:
  9. Dresney

    VictorVonDoom's Martian Mean Green - Converted Mini Fridge - Indoor/Soil - 2014

    Heya, Victor :ciao: I'm in for the show. :pop2:
  10. Dresney

    First Indoor Grow With Deadhead OG - Kandy Kush & Tahoe OG

    Re: First Indoor grow with Deadhead OG, Kandy Kush and Tahoe OG We're in the same boat. :high-five: I'm heading downstairs with my loupe to see if today is the day! Your girls are looking lovely! Have some well-deserved reps. :)
  11. Dresney

    MaryJWanna's Train Wreck Indoor - Soilless Mix - Grow Journal

    Re: MaryJWanna's Train Wreck Indoor (Soil less Mix) Grow Journal Hiya, Mary :ciao: I can't tell what that is. I definitely see what you're talking about, but I have no ideas. You say it had a shell? Have you seen any balls around? Do you have any other photos of it? I hope it's nothing...
  12. Dresney

    CannabisMeds' CBD Grow - Pennywise - Dawgfather - Rawdawg - Soil - LED + CFL 2013-14

    Re: CannabisMeds' CBD Grow - Pennywise - Dawgfather - Rawdawg - Soil - LED + CFL 2013 Hiya, CannaMeds :ciao: Isn't it strange how clones flower under veg schedules? My GDP clone that decided to flower is fully re-vegged weird now that she's growing. She's quite odd. What were your plans...
  13. Dresney

    Dresney's First Grow - Organic - Indoor - GDP - Trainwreck

    :ciao: Thanks, Potzilla. Retta was unfortunate, but I still consider her a win. :high-five: Hope you're having a stony day. :tokin: Thanks, Peejay ;) It's so fun being able to watch the trichs change color this time. I'm going to check them again today. Whee! :28: Thanks for the kind...
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  15. Dresney

    Leaf looks sick? Help

    Hi, Bomber :ciao: I can't see very clearly with those pics because of the size, but in the first pic that curled leaf looks like my plant's leaves when she had a nitrogen toxicity. I'd need to see it a little bigger to tell though. Here is a link explaining how to embed the photos in your...
  16. Dresney

    CFL vs HPS Question

    Hiya, Farang :ciao: It's not the spectrum of the CFL that produces those symptoms in buds, as I think most people usually add/switch 2700Ks in if they're going to flower with CFLs. The issue is light penetration. HID lighting is much more intense and able to penetrate much more effectively...
  17. Dresney

    Jaga: My First Grow Journal

    Heya, Jaga :ciao: Your plants look just great, and I'm so happy to hear Padma is feeling better. Those capsules really did the trick, eh? Going to save the instructions for making them. :) Hope you and Padma have a great day! And grats on 100 pages of your journal! :bravo:
  18. Dresney

    Fox Farms Ocean Forest may be killing my plants

    I use tap water that has been sitting out for at least 24 hours to let off the chlorine. It's worked for me. I say go for it. ;) You most likely won't need cal/mag with tap.
  19. Dresney

    Ub 801

    I've been thinking the same thing lately. I've :cough: so much today already that I'm wheezy and heavy all the time. A vape, yes. You can do the research for your purchase and then I'll copy you, yes? :high-five:
  20. Dresney

    Ub 801

    Yay, a peek into Rico's private area... er, private space... :hmmmm: ... ...looking good in there. :13: The Wappa is looking closer to harvest than she ever has. :4:
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