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    Psoriatic arthritis: need advice

    Hallo to all, I live in Italy, a state where medical MJ is still a controversial matter. I’m currently trying CBD oil and medical MJ for my insomnia but I haven’t still figured out out to use it properly. I’ve a friend who suffer from psoriatic arthritis. It looks a very bad medical condition...
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    Need advice for my young plant

    Dear all I decided to write to this forum because it seems I can’t solve the problem by myself. I’ve planted some seeds ( indica hybrid) an the 15 of April I’ve trasplaned them in a proper container to start the veg phase. As far as I remember I give them water with 1/3 of the recommenced...
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    My experience with Starlight dry herb vaporizer

    Hi, I want to share my experience with my dry herb vaporizer. I’ve bought a starlight 2 for around 60 euros.
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    Very small buds, very first grow attempt, help needed

    Hallo to everyone, This is my fist grow attemp, thing went on relatively well but now I’m at the end of the 8th week of the flowering stage and the buds yeld looks disappointing. Check the pictures.
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