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  1. fdsa187187

    T5HO or HPS?

    Okay so i'm thinking of constructing a growbox and i'm trying to decide on lights. dimensions of the box i want to say are going to be around 26-28"l x 23"w x 3ft h give or take a couple inches. but i'm also possibly leaning more on a 250w hps with a cooltube reflector for less heat. probably...
  2. fdsa187187

    Rough Idea

    SO i'm thinking of possibly building a growbox one of these months and i've decided to go with t5 High output lighting for veg and flowering. here's a rough sketch of it, comments advice anyting would be great.
  3. fdsa187187

    HTG Supply VS Cheap Grow Lights

    okay i've hear that htg is very reliable, discreet and top quality. but i'm also very tight on budget so what do you guys think?
  4. fdsa187187

    Does anyone know where i can find the overgrow strainguide?

    because i can't really find it. if someone could just post a link that would be awesome!! thanks once again:peace:
  5. fdsa187187

    Just wondering....please help!

    okay so does anyone know if this light- GrowBright 2 Foot 4 Lamp High Output T5 (from htgsupply) has a power cord you can just plug into the wall? because i really don't want to deal with splicing wires again. thanks:ganjamon:
  6. fdsa187187

    Flourescent lighting

    i've been looking at a SylverStar fluorescent lighting system which will have grow and bloom bulbs. found it on the htg website, here's the link -link to non-sponsor vendors are not allowed- so onto my question. would this be a good system for veg and bloom? for i have a VERY small budget...
  7. fdsa187187

    Help Please!

    i'm thinking of starting a simple (water culture system) hydroponic garden and i wanna know, can i use regular nutrients in the reservoir? like schultz plant nutrient 10-15-10. i'm thinking of doing a SOG grow. HELP ME!!!
  8. fdsa187187

    White Rhino Vs. White Widow

    what do you prefer. i would like to know because i'm hopefully going to be ordering some seeds soon. and its come down to White Rhino and White Widow. I'm looking more at the white rhino because its got some white widow and other types in it. but i'm looking for more of an opinion. Like whats...
  9. fdsa187187

    The Real Reason Marijuana Is Illegal

    The Marijuana Conspiracy - The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal by Doug Yurchey, June 15, 2005 Various addictions plague us all. Learn more about drug rehab and other substance abuse treatment that may be available. Don't let your addiction ruin your life and the lives of those around you. Get the...
  10. fdsa187187

    Fdsa187187's Grow Journal: Bagseed From Schwag

    hey guys i figured i should start a grow journal as long as i'm here, maybe get some information and knowledge on the way. So i just got done germinating my seeds and i've just planted today. i'm going to turn on the lights later tonight to fit the light times i'll have them be from. i'm going...
  11. fdsa187187

    I'm looking for the name/grow journal

    of the man who did the no mercy method i think its called. when you put a seedling into a 12/12 light cycle from start to finish. i would really like to see this fellows grow guide or if anyone has any tips on the no mercy method. i kind of want to try it for a more of a SOG setup. i would...
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