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  1. Althegardener2

    Dem proposal

    Check out the electrical usage factoid in there. Interesting take on all this.
  2. Althegardener2

    Warren trying to help

  3. Althegardener2

    Best short season photos for outdoor?

    I'm in your latitude and wondering what you guys are growing that is short enough season to finish up by Sept early Oct? Apparently the sativas are out. Any suggestions for my research would be most appreciated.
  4. Althegardener2


    T-Mobile is now no longer allowing a great cannabis dispensary app. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/20/weed_t_mobile/
  5. Althegardener2

    Tincture uses, recipes or ideas?

    I've got a pint of green dragon sitting here that needs to be used creatively. How are you using it? What are you mixing it in? (I accidentally dipped my finger in the jar and felt the effects within five minutes. I didn't think I was a lightweight....lol.)
  6. Althegardener2

    Worth a read to the end

    If this has been posted before, my apologies. But I saw some of the terpene additives listed here in a forum discussion just this week. Scary...
  7. Althegardener2

    Is anyone using the Ardent?

    If so could you give us a review? I'm very interested. Thank you in advance. :thanks:
  8. Althegardener2

    White Widow XXL, anyone familiar?

    I have an eight pack of WWXXL from Dinafem, nice and fresh. I don't want to grow them. I'm starting my next round and harvesting my last, and got these seeds as a sub for something I ordered and actually wanted. Should I grow them out and gift away the proceeds? Should I take them to Strainly...
  9. Althegardener2

    Cheap decarb machine

    I just realized I have the perfect decarb machine that I can plug in out in the garage and skip the odor. I bought it a few years ago for a project and it's been on the shelf ever since. There is a compact 'oven' made by Amaco, the art company, that is made specifically for polymer clay. It is...
  10. Althegardener2

    Purple Bliss

    Got these from Canada, the flowers are an amazing dark purple. Can't find an image of the adult plants that I can copy so I'll just update. Four out of five seeds sprouted. Very, very slow start, not sure if that's from the RH around here or maybe just their genetics. Purple Bliss: Sticky...
  11. Althegardener2

    Very old school grow

  12. Althegardener2

    Tajikistani Hash: Indoor Grow

    Tajikistani Hash Veg stage seedlings Indoor Soil - 1 bag greenhouse sterilized potting soil, five pounds earthworm castings, 1/8 cup bloodmeal, a little less than that of bonemeal, and about a third of the entire volume of perlite mixed in. Five gallon fabric pots Full spectrum cheap-o LED...
  13. Althegardener2

    Greetings from Michigan

    Greetings, I'm a professional horticulturalist, Master Gardener and certified nurseryman. Haven't grown cannabis since I had one bonsai'd in the late 70s. About ready to harvest my first crop of auto Amnesia, started some Dark Devils and Sour lowryders yesterday for indoors and got some free...
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