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    Bat Guano for Organic Indoor Gardening w/RooRman

    heres some info on the topic.. adding guano and aerating it is not doing much other than just applying a nutrient .. but u need much more than that. trace minerals for one.. if u are trying to create a compost type tea with guano, u need to add compost. alaska humus is the best. this...
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    PM infestation! 4 weeks from harvest! Help!

    I'm not positive, I exhaust mine thru to a gardening box outside with a carbon filter hooked up to that end inside the box. I sniffed a couple times outside the box soon as I turned exhaust on and couldn't smell anything, but when I walked outside a minute later I thought maybe I detected a hint...
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    PM infestation! 4 weeks from harvest! Help!

    for a room that size man u need a sulfur vaporizer.. im using one currently late in flower and have been told by 4 experienced growers that its safe to use up until a week before harvest.. one swears that its safe up until harvest and even while drying/curing with no adverse effects to taste or...
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    First Grow - Indoor Closet (Tangerine Kush)

    yeah id like to see the results as well.. just some notes, i wouldve cut that moldy leaf off from the get go.. then treat the new growth with neem oil sprayed onto the plant that would clear it right up.. and the trainwreck stretching i would just cut the main stem right above the last node...
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    What Does Everyone Think About These 2 Strains

    misspennylane i have anxiety also (comes and goes.. depends on what im smoking).. and the one that is guaranteed to make you feel good (in my opinion) is ken's grandaddy from the bay area.. let me clarify.. Grandaddy is not the same as Ken's Grandaddy.. i see SO MANY fake grandaddy's around now...
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