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  1. Stix

    Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

    A Senate committee today approved a bill that would regulate the sale and use of medical marijuana for seriously, chronically-ill patients in NEW JERSEY. Over the objections of family rights groups and attorneys who warned the bill sends a conflicting message to kids, lawmakers said they were...
  2. Stix

    Fluorescent light info

    I've been using HID light systems since the beginning. I know alot of members on these boards like to use fluorescents for various reasons. For instance, they are cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and produce much less heat. Fluorescent technology has come a long way in the past few years. They now...
  3. Stix


    I recently just battled my first serious pest, Thrips. Thrips are EXTREMELY small. They are usually white in color. Not to be confused with the white fly. Thrips are almost microscopic. They are really hard to notice unless your dealing with small plants with minimal foilage. You will find them...
  4. Stix

    Dutch Passion's Oasis (NL #2)

    Here's some shots of my Oasis Grow which will be harvested Dec 9th.
  5. Stix

    slow email notification

    I've been noticing very slow email notification to threads I'm subscribed to. Sometimes I get no email notification at all when someone replys to a thread I'm subscribed to. I know just today I got a private message today at 4:30 pm. I just now noticed it by going to the 420 website at 8:30 pm...
  6. Stix

    Lumatek Ballast

    I'm currently in the market for a 600 watt digital ballast. I've got my eye on a Lumatek ballast right now. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this ballast?
  7. Stix

    The Photoperiod

    There has always seemed to be a debate on the vegetative photoperiod. Some growers swear by the 24/0 photoperiod while others feel that the 18/6 photoperiod better suits there plants. Personally, I like to use the 24/0 photoperiod. I happened to be reading through my grow bible and came...
  8. Stix

    What was your best ever yield?

    Mine would have to be my first Hydroponic Grow. 3 plants of bagseed 1) 9 OZs 2) 8 OZs 3) 8.5 OZs It was also the worst smoke I've ever grown as well. Smelled like HAY and smoked pretty much the same. The closest I've come to those numbers since is a 3 OZ skywalker plant. Remember my...
  9. Stix

    A Scrog Grow

    This will be my 2nd scrog. The first one didn't go as planned. I waited to long to start the flower causing some problems later in flowering. My plants over grew my fence by alot causing most of my branches to fall over onto themselves. I still ended up with a decent yield but it caused alot of...
  10. Stix

    How to post pics in a thread

    You must upload your pictures to our gallery in order to use them on our forums. Pictures linked to other websites will be deleted. Click HERE for a step by step tutorial on how to post pictures.
  11. Stix

    Hash Prices

    Just wanna know what people are paying these days for hash. I'm talking HIGH quality hash.
  12. Stix

    CO2 and YOU

    CO2 ENRICHMENT GUIDE Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used by plants in photosynthesis, or the conversion of water, atmospheric carbon dioxide and light in the plant's chloroplasts into food energy (simple carbohydrates), with oxygen as a byproduct. Resins and saps in the plants stems and branches...
  13. Stix

    Bubble Hash

    Does anyone have any experience using bubble bags to make Hash? I'm thinking about getting a set. Are they as good as they seem to be? check them out here bubble bags
  14. Stix

    Nute Burn?! NEED HELP!

    I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!! Looks like 2 of the plants are getting nute burn. I'm not sure cause I've never seen it before. the bottom leaves on 1 is turning blotchy brown. when i touch it it cracks. the other is the same. I do have the biggest and nicest plant right next to those with no probs at all...
  15. Stix

    Stix Test Grow

    Ok, some of you may already know I have another thread started for my "1st" Hydro Grow. I'm still waiting on the rest of my seeds to come, so in the meantime I decided to grow 5 "test" plants using unknown bag seed. This way I get a chance to test the system before risking a good crop. I opened...
  16. Stix

    Stix First Hydro Grow

    Alright, The room is done and I just ordered my seeds! :allgood: I ordered 7 different strains but I'm only gonna grow 3 on the first grow. It's up to you guys to decide which 3 I grow :439: . I will be growing 18 plants (6 plants for each strain). I figure it may take a week or 2 for the seeds...
  17. Stix

    Hydroponic Grow Room

    I have started building my first hydroponic grow room 2 days ago. This is my first attempt on growing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and is much needed. I have the studs up for the flowering room which is 12' by 16` and the electrical rough wiring is done. I will be adding a small...
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