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  1. TLC

    My untrained eye

    a few days into flower. I’ve always grown feminized seeds till now. It’s hard for me to recognize the sex. I got the beans for free but still regret popping them because of the risk..
  2. TLC

    Seeds and winter temps

    Are seeds sensitive to winter temps? I’ve only ever ordered seeds in the warmer months. If seeds are shipped/mailed during the winter months are they at-risk due to temperatures? (sitting in a mailbox for example) T
  3. TLC

    PH with calMag

    At about week 7 with 3 girls. 2 Cinerella 99, 1 Mazar. I use AN PH Perfect. Been using it for years with no problems. I’m using RO water 100%. My well is a bit funky. This grow I’ve been having PH problems. A day or 2 after rez changes the PH drops to 4.5 or so. The only change I’ve made was...
  4. TLC

    TLC in NY

    Hi, Been growing my own for about 6 years. Indoors, hydro. Ready to learn new tricks
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