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  1. Cannadian420

    2nd Outdoor Season Grow

    Hey all! Back at 'er again! This time starting indoor and switching to out when it gets warm enough! This run I'll be pinching pennys and doing alot of diy with growing medium and I'm not sold on any type of amendments but I'll be going cheap with what I can find local. This will be my second...
  2. Cannadian420

    Maritime growers

    Hey been thinking for a few days about starting a thread for Eastern Canada outdoor growers. I grew my first outdoor plants last summer. Got some decent smoke from it. Turned it into everything from butter to concentrates. They were chocolate cream and CBD Medi kush. There are somethings all...
  3. Cannadian420

    Peak Supply Terps

    Not sure this is the spot or not but I figure a bottle of Terps should classify as a concentrate. Anyone have any experience with peak supply? saw their ad on here and checked it out. 100 bucks taxes and shipping for 25 MLS of Terps is astronomicaly cheaper than any where else I've checked out...
  4. Cannadian420

    Pineapple Chunk, Buddha Haze, CBD Critical Mass: Gaia Green In Pro-Mix

    So, just started posting yesterday. Didnt think I'd make a journal till next run but I figured what the hell. So to get you all up to speed here goes. STRAINS Pineapple chunk Buddha Haze CBD Critical Mass SETUP 3x3 Melon Farm tent 2000w Aglex 4 COB 400ish true watts 4" vivosun exhaust fan...
  5. Cannadian420

    New to growing

    Hello everyone. New to the forum and growing. On my third grow with a new set up. I'm from canada so four plants are allowed for recreation. I've yet to harvest four plants. Something always happens to one of them. Here is my set up 3x3 melon farm tent. 2000w aglex 400w from the wall...
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