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    Mars SP250 PAR Test & Review

    Thanks for posting. I've been using some of the older Mars Pro lights for going on 5 years now and have been very pleased with the quality and performace.
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    Potted outdoor plants getting yellow leaves need fix

    It's normal to have some of the lower leaves and interior leaves that are shaded yellow and drop during flowering. However based on the pics it appears that you have quite of bit of middle level leaves that are getting good light that are yellowing. To my eye it does appear that the likely...
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    Does this look normal?

    To my eye everything looks great. No issues that I can see. The maroon color that you are seeing is a genetic trait of the cultivar. In regards to your sativas, they're looking as they should as well. This is the typical growth structure for sativas. Also, I see no signs of any deficiencies...
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    Drastic Temp & RH Swings In Greenhouse

    If you can get your max temps down to 90 F or less and RH down to a max of 60% or less this will be very beneficial. Best of luck and feel free to hit me up if you have any other questions or need some additional advice. I'll be happy to help if I can. :peace:
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    PakaloloGrow is Social Equity Program, Tier 1 Verified

    So for a partner to qualify they must have a previous marijuana conviction within the state of California prior to 2016 as well as be a resident of LA County, California?
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    Drastic Temp & RH Swings In Greenhouse

    I've never used this system but it sure does have lots of cool features. Best of luck with getting those temps down and RH under control moving forward. Looks like you're on the right path. :peace:
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    Shed some light

    Attic gardens are difficult. The biggest issue that you'll face when growing in your attic will be temperature and humidity control. My advise to you is to purchase a cheap battery powered digital temperature / humidity monitoring device that has the min/max feature. You can place this in...
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    Water Table Info

    You're very welcome. Happy to be of assistance in any way that I can. Best of luck with your grow! :peace:
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    Drastic Temp & RH Swings In Greenhouse

    If you're able to keep the back rolled up it may be best to hang a cheap box type fan high up along the back wall where the air is warmest with the fan facing outward to extract the air. Then if it's not a problem, roll up the front door just high enough to allow fresh air to enter yet still...
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    Drastic Temp & RH Swings In Greenhouse

    The high temps will likely stunt growth somewhat and result in reduced bud density or fluffy buds but as long as the temps don't go much over 100 F you should be ok as long as the plants are watered. Not optimum temp conditions but you should be ok. Depending on the cultivars that you are...
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    Outdoor grow concerned about all the Hemp

    I think that this will become a growing problem in the future as both cannabis and hemp continue to proliferate. What about the neighbor just down the road who didn't sex his or her cannabis plants causing male pollen to drift into your fields? This will also become a growing issue. Moving...
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    Long time grower and cannabis connoisseur finally coming out of the closet

    Thanks again to all for the many warm welcomes. Much appreciated!! :Namaste::peace:
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    Water Table Info

    If you're growing in an enriched soil medium such as Fox Farms Ocean Forest the medium already contains both calcium and magnesium. In addition, your tap water will also contain some amount of calcium. There's no harm in using cal/mag to address calcium or magnesium deficiencies if noticed...
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    Need some help with coco grow, over-watered?

    When fully saturated in water coco will still maintain approximately 30% air so I doubt if overwatering is the issue here. As hjayu94 mentioned, it appears that there are some nutrient deficiency and/or toxicity problems that are occuriing. To my eye it looks like either a magnesium and/or...
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    Water Table Info

    Most folks that I know that grow hydroponically use RO systems to remove all mineral content from municiple tap water prior to use. I could be wrong about this but I think that the dosing rates for most bottled nutrient solutions that are formulated for hydroponic use assume that the user will...
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    Are these leaves trying to tell me something?

    One other thing that I forgot to mention is that I also ALWAYS chop just before lights on indoors and early morning while it's still dark outdoors. The reason for doing this is during the darkness period, carbohydrates tend to migrate from the leaves and stems or upper part of the plant down...
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    Are these leaves trying to tell me something?

    I've tried the extended darkness thing a couple of times long ago but didn't really notice much if any difference. Although I know others that do this religiously and they swear that it increases the amount of trichomes. If you do try this, do make sure that you maintain good air circulation...
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    Are these leaves trying to tell me something?

    It's great to see that you're trying to truly undestand the whats and why's of things. Gardening will take you down the path of never ending learning. Embrace it and absorb as much knowledge as you can as some of this newly gained knowledge will cross over into other aspects of everyday life...
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    Are these leaves trying to tell me something?

    Just noticed your question about temps. My flowering tent runs up to 87 F during the summer months. I haven't noticed any loss of potency, aroma, or flavor although bud density isn't as dense when compared to lower flowering temps. I've noticed that the higher temps seem to help with nutrient...
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    Are these leaves trying to tell me something?

    @ Emilya - I agree 100%. His ladies look very healthy and perky to my eye. I suspect that the crinkle leaf structure is just a characteristic of the strain. @ Autoflowerdream - I'm don't have much experience with autos although I did grow one when they first hit the scene. It was a sweet...
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