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  1. 408stoner

    How's my plant looking ?

    This is my plant Bag Seed Sensi Grow A&B Running 24/0 lights, Yueme Cob light 265 TRUE WATTS 1/28 seedling pop out of soil 5 gallon pots Haven’t added any nutrients till tomorrow just watered today. Watering every day just a spray and sometimes some cup water full. Also When should i start...
  2. 408stoner

    Ready for harvest?

    got yah thanks!
  3. 408stoner

    Ready for harvest?

    I was wondering if these plants are ready for harvest, Heres some info would appreciate some help! Happyfrog soil Sensi grow a and sensi grow b flipped to 12-12 on 12/2 Day 54 since flip! 2 plants 265w cob yueme lights bag seeds, no clue what strains Here are some pictures 1st plant...
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