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    Shizzy's Sophmore Grow

    High all. :rasta: I am back and glad to be so. I will wrap up the old journal with some post harvest pics and smoke reports soon. Currently I am in the process of harvesting I have three plants left that are in week 11 now OG Kush, Bubba 76 and 2 Aurora's. I was going to make this be my 420th...
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    Shizzy's Super Soil Grow Take 1 -Like a Virgin Mix- Purple Skunk- SIS- Blueberry x JH

    High all! :welcome: Its me Shizzy and I am going to take you through my virgin grow and hope to learn some wonderful info, as I had for the seven months I stalked this site gaining info and learning before signing up and committing to my grow. So without further adieu, the skinny: We have...
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    Curious curled leaf

    Hello all I am a new grower I am in seedling stage day 6 out of the ground I have this one little seedling that looks healthy as can be but she has this weird curl to her leaf. My setup is 4 x 8ft T5 18/6 3:1 FF light warrior and OF Pure water pH 7.0 every other day Temps are 90/78 @ 46 -...
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    First Grow

    Hello I am not new to these forums been lurking for some time. Just finally got some awesome equipment donated along with seeds and am ready to interact. Thanks for having me! :thanks:
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