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  1. odinsmaster

    Odinsmaster Comes Out Of The Closet With Peanut Butter Breath

    Well it's been a while since I have posted. My state finally went medical, so I spent the last year moving from the closet to a room. Now I'm ready to start a new grow. 2 strains: peanut butter breath, and bubble gum breath Medium: coco Lights: 6 timber grow lights 3vl half 3500k half...
  2. odinsmaster

    Odin's Blue Berry Auto Run

    Needed to get my supplies back up so threw in some free seeds I got on my last order. They are blue berry autos. I'm growing in a5x6 room. Using fox farm soil, in smart pots. Fox farm nutes. Blue berry auto, week 7. 1000 w de on 875. Any other questions just ask.
  3. odinsmaster

    Gorilla Glue slow growth looking for any ideas

    Ok, i'm growing 4 plants, 2 Gorilla Glue, and 2 Lsd-25. The Lsd-25 age doing great. The G.G. is way behind, no signs that I can trace down. Details, i'm growing in door. Using fox farm coco loco soil, fox farm nutes everything except soluble or dry. Keeping canopy temps around 75...
  4. odinsmaster

    Odin Grows LSD-25 & Gorilla Glue

    This will be my 5th grow. I will be growing 2 Fast buds Lsd-25 autos, and 2 Fast buds Gorilla Glue. This will be my 3rd grow in this room, the last grow was a disaster so changing a few things on this one. Every grow i have done i have fried the plants pretty good, but still had good outcomes...
  5. odinsmaster

    Need help identifying problem

    Fox farm coco loco soil. Fox farm nuets. Feeding half strength every other watering. Midnight kush and 707 headband The mk has had problems, but the 707 had just started this. Turning a little yellow and dots on leafs.
  6. odinsmaster

    Plant going limp before pot is dry - Help please

    707 headband in fox farms coco loco. Fox farm nuets at half strength. 81° at top of plants with lights on. 45 to 55 rh. 7 gallon smart pots. Flushed all plants about 4 weeks ago last water was three days before I usually water pots were at least 75 percent dry. 3 weeks into flower...
  7. odinsmaster

    New growth seems slow and small

    Okay, I'm growing in fox farm coco loco two strains. Midnight kush and 707 headband. Both at day 37. Feeding half strength nuets full line of fox farm, except the solubles, and have been intimidated to use the foiler spray. I added cal mag at lady watering. Running a400 watt veg light in...
  8. odinsmaster

    Odin's First Photo Run Midnight Kush & Headband

    :Namaste: This will be my first photo run and my first run with fox farm nutes. Strain: G13 midnight kush and humboldt seeds 707 headband both hybrids just dropped seeds indoor soil: fox farm coco loco Pot size: will finish in 7 gallon smart pots lights: veg 400w mh...
  9. odinsmaster

    Help with leaf curling problem please

    Ok my plants are around day 65. They are fast buds pineapple express. 6x5.5ft closet, with 6 inch exhaust, ac unit keeping temps under 80°F , 6x14 passive intake. 1000w de light with boss reflector, running 875w. About 23 inches from most of the canopy. Soil is fox farm coco loco, I...
  10. odinsmaster

    Need some support, Leafs curling up around edges

    My plants still showing little growth, but now they are starting curl up at the ends. First thought, to much perlite and maybe i need to start a quarter dose of notes. The plants are 23 days old. I have all the info in my journal for my 2nd grow, check it out and post in there if you would...
  11. odinsmaster

    Plants not growing - Help please

    Ok the journal is linked below, my 2nd grow. this is day 17 Thank you for any help.
  12. odinsmaster

    Odin's 2nd Go - Pineapple Express In Soil

    How's it going everyone, this will be my 2nd grow, you can see my first in my signature. I built a new room for this grow had to get out of the spare bedroom and go stealth. I will post pics of the room tonight. I will start my seeds as soon as my water lines thaw out, we hit -10° F...
  13. odinsmaster

    Converting a 6.5x 5.5 closet for my second grow

    This is going to lead to my second grow, my first was in a 5x5 grow tent. Had to run the tent in my spare bedroom, I had to give up the spare bedroom so now i am converting a closet. The closet is 6.5ft by 5.5ft with a 8ft ceiling. I will be buying a 6 in insulted fan, need it to be quit. I...
  14. odinsmaster

    New grower needs help - Problem in bloom

    Ok i have been stepping up my nutes little by little, just upped it again today. While taking a peak after work i noticed these spots getting worse. Any advice would be great. If its nute burn should i flush it immediately? Thank you in advance.
  15. odinsmaster

    Odinsmaster's Soil Girl Scout Cookies Grow Journal - 2016

    Fast buds girl scout cookies (auto Fem) soil coco loco and perlite seedlings Indoor 5x5 tent with 6 in fan to carbon filter, with extra fan on stand by if needed veg stage i will use xtrasun 64 hood with xtrasun dial a watt 400 balast wand 400w metal halide bulb bloom stage i will use a de...
  16. odinsmaster

    New to it

    Ok, I'm new to this, and also post from a phone so sorry for my grammar and post structure. I have purchased a set up, now waiting for seeds. I'm going to run a 5x5 tent with a 1000w de boss reflector with ushio opti pro plus light, and galaxy de ballast. I'm going to run two 6 inch fans...
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