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  1. Dusted

    Do people still use traditional hydroponics?

    I bought an 8 pot system 40 years ago and it has been in use ever since. 15 L pots nestled in 20 L pots, drip feed, recirculating. It was down to 3 pots for a few years when I had to grow in a closet. I’m now back up to 5 pots since I have the room again. I’ve only replaced the clay pellets once...
  2. Dusted

    Supplemental Far Red Timing

    I grow under 1000 W MH for veg and flower. Since I had an extra light and ballast sitting around I hung it as well. I will be using a HPS bulb in this lamp, probably set to 450 W to supplement the spectrum during flowering. Should I run it 12/12 with the MH or only run it for 3-4 hours in the...
  3. Dusted

    Seedsman Critical Purple Kush & Doctor Seedsman CBD

    I was supposed to document a Seedsman genetics grow on a comparison thread, but most people started two months ago, so I will go it alone here. I finished harvesting on Christmas day and have spent the last 5 days cleaning the grow media and entire hydroponic system. After removing as many roots...
  4. Dusted

    Carbon dioxide blanket during cure and storage

    I haven’t seen this discussed and I’m curious. Oxygen is second to light in degrading thc I think. Therefore it should be beneficial to exclude oxygen during storage. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air so it should be easy to blanket storage containers with this gas. It also seems to me that...
  5. Dusted

    Interesting information: lots of biochemistry

    I’m still reading it but lots of good stuff if you like biochemistry https://medteknutrients.com.au/beneficial-additives-in-hydroponics/
  6. Dusted

    Reducing light intensity at the end of flowering?

    My brother mentioned to me that he turns down his hps light the last few weeks of flowering. I guess that would reduce the rate of resin degradation caused by the intense light. Would the lower light levels also further stimulate bud ripening? Has anyone experimented or read anything about this?
  7. Dusted

    Breeders flowering times

    I wish there was some consistency in the flowering times listed by seed companies and breeders. I get it that a lot of people are impatient and want fast finishing plants, but to list a flowering time less than required to properly mature the buds is confusing. You can get a general idea of...
  8. Dusted

    Phototropism: Collection vs Reflection During Flowering

    For many years I have watched my plants send the upper fan leaves vertically over the course of a day (praying), only to droop over the night cycle. I also overcrowded my plants for many years, so thought it was an aggression move to hog the light for the budding sites. Claw your way to the...
  9. Dusted

    GG#4 after six month cure

    I had to pull some buds out of one of the curing containers, so I took a couple of pictures. I try to keep the large container (19 L) sealed with 62% humidity packs and only open every month or so, to get a supply out. This stuff has improved in taste over the months substantially. It started...
  10. Dusted

    Eleven Roses Hydro Under MH

    Another summer has come and almost gone, so it's time. The hydroponics system has been circulating with pH 7.8 aerated, hard water, inoculated with bacterial/fungal spores after the last harvest and root removal, for six months. I switched out the water, neutralized to pH 5.8 and added nutrients...
  11. Dusted

    Dusted's Blue Cheese

    I thought the ladies were ready to harvest until I switched back to the metal halide bulb, for photo's, and saw the pictures. No amber trichomes yet on the one that looks mature. One of the plants still has mostly white pistils and they are at 9 weeks from flip. Any side branches not vertical...
  12. Dusted

    GG#4 THC 18-33% ?

    I see a seed supplier with gg#4 feminized that has a thc range of 18-33%. Does this mean there is a lot of variation in the plants from these seeds, as opposed to some very stable seed lines that produce virtually identical plants?
  13. Dusted

    Form over function sucks, but duct tape helps

    I just installed a 900 cfm range hood in my kitchen. Twin centrifugal blowers into collector with 6 inch exhaust vent. Turn it on and find that in addition to sucking huge amounts of air, it also blows out in the opposite direction from half of the intake on both blowers. Manufacturer says I...
  14. Dusted

    Thumbnails from gallery?

    I have been religiously downloading my pictures into the gallery and then using the gallery imbed to add photos to threads. I find that I much prefer adding thumbnails to my threads instead of the full size gallery imbed. The only way I have found to use thumbnails is with the attach files...
  15. Dusted

    CAM photosynthesis

    From what I can tell my plants use both the C3 and C4 metabolic pathways. They actually transpire more water during the 12 hr dark cycle than during the day. My estimate is 2 litres per plant per night and 1 litre each during the day. They are under a fairly good breeze all the time, and a 1000...
  16. Dusted

    Do Blueberry strains require more N than White Widow?

    I dialed in the N levels in my last grow with white widow, but my blueberry strains this grow seem to want more. I have resisted adding more since I am still recovering from a pH excursion that affected the plant colour. The plants are growing normally now, but the new growth takes way too long...
  17. Dusted

    When are clones ready to plant?

    I have four cuttings in a new bubble pot. This is the first time I have managed to get roots on cuttings, so I’m new to this. The roots are now about half an inch and very thick. The tops are mostly dead except for the shoots. Should I put them into my hydroponic media now? Nutrient levels at...
  18. Dusted

    Photography help

    I’m a neophyte with good equipment. I have a Canon EOS 6Dii (full frame 24.3 mp). I am presently trying to get pictures of my plants with a 24-105 f4L lens and 430EXii speedlite. In previous grows I have used metal halide lighting which has a much broader spectrum than the hps I am using now...
  19. Dusted

    Dusted Does Blue Cheese

    I hope you had a great summer like we did here in Alberta, except for the BC forest fire smoke. Since the days are getting shorter and cooler it's time to get the indoor plants started. If I get started by Sept 1 I can get two grows in before it starts getting nice again in the spring and I want...
  20. Dusted

    Dusted White Widow Hydroponic Grow

    Genetics: Crop King Seeds White Widow feminized Grow room: 10 ft x 12 ft bedroom, well light sealed. Continuous use of fan for circulation plus furnace Lighting: 600w metal halide. 10 day use of high pressure sodium bulb at end of stretch Hydroponics: 3x15 L buckets with rock media...
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