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  1. illizm775

    All The World's A Stage, ILLz, GROWant 800Pro With 450W Bloom LED, Hybrid Coco

    If adding coco to sandy soil makes it hybrid then im on the right track. But if its called something else, im in for a pleasent suprise. Ive grown a few plants and recycle the soil. This will be an on going grow when i set up completely. The first one on the list to start will be a Jack...
  2. illizm775

    Illz Grow - 300 Mars - 450 Dormgrow LED - Coco - Soil - DWC

    Welcome to my world. Ive got a few plants at different stages of development. My germination process is water to rooter. Vegged under 300 mars hydro. Depending on myself determines if they go in soil, coco, or hydro or whatever's free nutrients are fox farm and raw, hydrogaurd, great white...
  3. illizm775

    Alaska raids pot shops over CBD oil

    What more can i say but "sorry to all those who utilize cbd for its medicinal properties, looks like your going to have to make your own."[emoji48] Alaska regulators raid pot stores over oil sales to each their own and mine to smoke
  4. illizm775

    Week old nutrients solution

    Was wondering how long a mix of nutrients would be good. Its got 2 of the ff trio, got about a gallon and a half just didnt want to waste it. Heres on the up trunk shot. Waiting a bit to defol, started 12/12 a few days ago, this rounds 4 clones of cookies kush - barneys, black domina x...
  5. illizm775

    Plant issue

    Ive been adjusting the ph to around 6.5 but 0ove been noticeing ph flucuations in my water. Its tap from a ground well, comes chlorinated at around 7-8 ph if i let it sit itll jump to 9ish and ill adjust back to 6.5. I added water before and they were fine and i premixed ff trio a day before...
  6. illizm775

    Matnuska tundra aka MTF

    K got this bean for free from a friend. Was wondering if anyone had any experiance growing them. My second freebie is a og kush both are from seed supreme. Would love some feedback and eventually ill plan and track these two grows thinking of making both into large trees if possible and also...
  7. illizm775

    Sugar Black Rose

    Its on its last days and hopimg its going to be a winner. Smells sweet so so sweet. Got it as a clone but vegged the hell out of it and it surpassed its mother. Had a question. Is there any differences if i keep it going after harvest like a mother plant or would there be any degredation of...
  8. illizm775

    Ak rep

    Great 49 made its history with its first retail shops opening...while little ol me dont go no where off this island, so gotta enjoy the harvast from home in the bering sea where the waves get big and try take your home. Right now enjoying an edible made with chocolate flour butter cocao w sugar...
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