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  1. SunsetSarah

    Nitrogen Lock?

    di you all think she has nitrogen lock. She looks like she has the claw,,
  2. SunsetSarah

    Mixed nutes 2 days old

    can I use the feed I mixed 2 days ago ???
  3. SunsetSarah

    Great lakes water only?

    can I nut them or not ??
  4. SunsetSarah

    Sex? Female? Male? Hermie?

    The top is a FEMALE... The Bottom one is directly under that one. It doesn't get as mush Light. They are 6 Days into flower... SHOULD I BE WORRIED. Or does it look like that cause it's no as mature ???
  5. SunsetSarah

    How, when or should I even use Bud Igniter?

    Should I Use BUD IGNITOR.. If Yes... When & How Much.. Foliar OR Not ??? Root ??. I already own it so should i use it. Or is it overkill because i am using Great Lakes Water Only Soil
  6. SunsetSarah

    Spraying bud sites?

    HOW MUCH ?? HOW MANY TIMES ?? WITH BUD IGNITOR................ How often and how much should i spray on my Ladies bud sites? leaves ?? with the Anvanced Nutrients BUD IGNITOR ///
  7. SunsetSarah

    OG Kush Ghost: How long in flower?

    What is the Ideal Flower time For Ghost OG KUSH ?? BLUE ALIEN?? SUNSET SHERBERT ?? TANGERINE DREAM ?? GREEN CRACK ?? BLUE BERRY ??
  8. SunsetSarah

    Temp Help!

    It has been four days that I began my flip.... My temp and My HR Is Holding at 80*F / 82 F With 59 % HR.... Is that ok Every couple hours Iblow fresh air in... With my 3 setting Max air 8 in fan.....
  9. SunsetSarah

    Water Question

    How much should I feed a 3 Gallon Ina 7 Gallon Lady in soil???
  10. SunsetSarah

    Feeding Time: Am I Doing It Right?

    7 Ml/GL "Mother Earth" Sugar Load 60 Ml/GL" Planet Earth" Tea 2 ML/Lt "Advanced Nutrients" Misted Them... 6.2 H2o..... I water them by hand I use a 60 ml Injector... I dont know if I am giving them enoughf water.. 6 Cups they are in a 7 gl bag.. The 3 GL I only give 4 1/2 Cups... Its is 79*F...
  11. SunsetSarah

    How the heck do I use my new Bluelab contictivity pen? $80 paper weight right now

    please help the videos do nothing for me. I have to read it //
  12. SunsetSarah

    Any tip on the temp of my water?

    Is the a perfect temp for H20 ??
  13. SunsetSarah

    Do I need a Conductivity Pen when I am growing in soil? I bought one today & I am at a loss, just can't comprehend it

    I bought one today in I am at a loss .. Just cant comprehend it
  14. SunsetSarah

    How has growing helped any of you? If I can ask

    Growing Saved my life.... 32 days in I couldn't be happier... Just love this site Gave me a purpose again... No Bugs No problem " As of Yet" Grow on Green Lovers
  15. SunsetSarah

    Almost 40's Sun Set Sarah's 1st Grow Ever!

    Soil...... Michigan water Only PH..... 6.3 pH Ideal H20 Water Filtration Hose... Planet Earth Compost Tea Blend / Liquid Concentrate 60 ml to a Gallon That is all I am giving the Ladies In Veg... Now I flipped my clones to 12/12 just so I could play with them After some LST & Topping... I am...
  16. SunsetSarah


    Lights went on 2 hours late..... only happen ones.. will that hermi my ladies ?????? went on at 11 pm not 9 pm EEERRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!
  17. SunsetSarah

    First Timer Fighting RH

    What is an Ideal RH for my Flower Room..... I am fighting low RH... PEASE HELP. Or is low Rh ok.. I am In the first week
  18. SunsetSarah

    Am I doing it right?

    Michigan Water Only Soil... H 2o 6.3 reverse osmosis I built a room so I can control the environment to their liking. Took some time and some money. Any suggestion is greatly welcomed... This is the most amazing thing next to me having Children.... Almost 40 been Smoking all a good of 25 years...
  19. SunsetSarah

    Newbie Sarah All Green Is A Go!

    I am a first Time Grower. almost 40 years old. Michigan just became a recreational State... 420 Everyday without the Headache And I must say this is almost as cool as growing my own Babies in my belly. " LOL" I started with 5 Different Strains of clones And 2 kinds of Seeds.. From CropKing...
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