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  1. Momma’s Kitchen

    Peyote Cookie 2018 #1

    I have 10 Peyote Cookies, I am only going to journal on 3. This is journal for Peyote Cookie #1 I will be growing indoors, metal halide bulbs, 750W, Baseboard heat, fans, air conditioner, well water, Medi One, and later Big Bud I will PPM, PH the water. So the seeds were germinated indoors, in...
  2. U

    Grape Ape x Sour Diesel - SOG - Soil - Organic

    Bucket Size - 1 true gallon Medium - 25% perlite 25% coco 50% fox farm ocean forest Lights - 400w Hps cool tube Strain(s) - 2 phenos from a grape ape sour diesel cross # of Plants: 12 First grow journal not first grow. Growing out two best phenotypes from a cross between grape ape and...