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  1. WeedNerd420

    Small Grow - 1 Plant Dakini Kush

    Hey everyone. I am new here and I love documenting my grows so I figured I would try and start a journal here. I am from the East Coast(MA) and we aren't legally allowed to grow outdoors and I am very poor, but I have a good 5 grows under my belt using this or worse so I'm hoping this grow...
  2. CriminalJedi

    Budget First Ever Grow - 1 Plant - CFL

    Hi, First time Grower here. Currently I'm 21 days into flower with my Samsara Seeds - Holy Grail 69. She broke the soil on 6th October 2015. And I flipped her on 17th November 2015. So I guess she vedged for 6 Weeks? Right now she is 2 foot high from the medium. Lots of bud sites with...