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1 week old

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    What makes leaves bend like that?
  2. umutyuss

    Is this looking normal? Bottom yellowness

    Hello this is my second plant first critical + verry easy to grow but this is green poison f1 I burned 3 seed and this is my last seed :( Im using 250w mh lamp mh ph 7.24 (ı have nitric acid ph down but im afrading to burn again becaouse verry strong and i dont have ph meter) so im not using...
  3. Q

    Why is my plant still short, is this normal for a week old plant?

    Hey everyone I'm just wondering if it looks normal for a week old plant. It seems a little short and the cotyledon leaves are burned because I used tin foil the first 2-3 days. I thought it was the mg burning it but the new leaves are growing in just fine it seems. Tips would be appreciated...
  4. L

    Please help my little Matilda!

    How's it going fellas. I am looking for some help diagnosing an issue(first time grower). The issue started just a few days ago but only seems to be getting worse faster and faster. I'm using a light cycle of around 10-4-6-4 and was watering whenever I specifically noticed soil was dried(once or...
  5. W

    Help what's wrong with my plant white dashes 1week old

    My plant is 1 week old is an autofem plant but seems to be having these white dashes is a 42watt hps light bulb where my finger can whip it off????? HELPPP
  6. P

    My seedling looks weird to me?

    It's 8 days old, compared to other pictures online it looks really strange? What do you guys think? P.s it's special kush.
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