10 weeks

  1. 20200817_221955.jpg


    #1 Runt now caged & #2 Julie-N
  2. 20200817_221822.jpg


    8.17.20 #4 Recluse
  3. 20200816_190458.jpg


    8.16.20 ~ Faired out well after heavy thunderstorm...
  4. 20200815_184815.jpg


    #5, Random ~ bagseed #5.5, Baby Rand, created 7.20 #5.6, Broke Rand, created 8.14 Close ups of 5, Random
  5. 20200814_134634.jpg


    8.14.20 - rerigged with some extra attention to branches and the potential flower sites.
  6. HolySpicoli

    Help! Been flowering 10 weeks!

    I have posted for help on another thread, but noone has responded yet, decided to try a new post in the correct forum. I am at day 70 of flower, and most of my trichs still appear to be crystal clear. The few cloudy ones have been cloudy for two weeks. I stopped the nutes for about a week...
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