1000 watt hps

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    Nice purple and wicked smell from her rock hard buds under that 1000 watt hps.
  2. N

    Abandoned Day 18 Blue Dream Flower Cycle

    4 Plants total 3 ft + from the bottom of the stem up 1000W HPS Air Cooled Light Fixture Humidity: 46 Temperature:72
  3. EwokSmks247

    Abandoned Ewoks Soil Grow Journal - Advice Welcome

    :welcome:ANY TIPS WELCOME!!!I got a few strains going right now..Kryptonite,GirlScoutCookies,StrawberryCough,and Platinum GSC. All are in VEG right now under a 1000 watt A/C hood w/ Optilume MH bulb. Krypto,GSC,and Strawberry are in 5 gal. pots Platinum GSC are in 1 gal. pots thinking they might...
  4. eastcoastgrow

    First Time Grower seeking a little guidance supply and design wise

    Hey there everyone! This is my first post here at 420 magazine and im very glad that its about my first grow as well! I am a medicinal user looking to produce his own meds, i have been reading alot and have learned alot here already but still feel the need to run my plans and supply's by you...
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