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  1. Bertabuds

    Classic 1000 Watt HPS 4x4 Scrog Grow

    Hi my name is Bertabudz and this is my classic 1000watt 4x4 scrog grow journal! For this grow I will be using the following: -4x4 grow tent with a 1000w hps vented hood and MH (run the mh on 600w) I run a T5 for seedlings and early veg. - 2 cropkings black indica and 2 cropkings bubba kush...
  2. L

    GG #4 slowly flowering

    first real grow,environment not 100% but excessively monitored. sprouted Dec 20th,and pinched like a mofo during veg. 15" @ start of flowering, just about 20" and still a little stretching going on.
  3. Jedward

    Hydrosoil: Bluedream & Super Skunk Auto Grow Journal 2019

    Strain- Pheno bluedream & super skunk auto Vegging for 5 weeks now Indoor Soil and hydro combination Soil type 100% fox farm 3.5gallon bucket Hi-grow 1000watt LED full spectrum 3 quite fans built into light for optimal cooling Room temp average 84 RH average 36% Fox farm naturally PH balances...
  4. T

    New Purchase Reviews

    I recently purchased several new items, thought I would take the time to offer my review and opinions in case anyone is interested. Hurricane 8" Inline Fan 745 CFM--Bigger room required more exhaust. This fan was bought to replace a 6" inline fan I had used for years, but I cannot recall the...
  5. C

    Crisisb3 - 1000 Watt DE - Ebb & Gro - SFV OG - 2015

    Hello, I am creating this new thread to help me in progressing with my ability. Also maybe to help other people in be progress. This will be the first time I have ever done a thread and vey much so intend on finishing I will take pictures of the room throughout the entire process . Explain...
  6. R

    Sheeds - 1000 Watt MH/HPS - Versagrow Hydroponic Drip System - 10 Gallon Reservoir

    Well this is my second attempt at a grow. The first time I made all the newbie mistakes all at the same time. Heat stress to start, followed by nute burn, and last severe overwatering of the rockwool cubes which stunted growth and eventually killed my 6 week old seedlings that looked as if they...
  7. cross1420

    1000 Watt Pineapple Chunck - Veneno

    This is my 2 grow ever so I still have a lot of learning to do. But at least I have better equipment this time around. I am running a 1000w light with a sweet air cooled hood, Carbon filter and intake fan. I am currently growing 2 strains Pineapple Chunk Type: Indica Dominant Genetics...
  8. M

    12/12 From Seed - From 2 Weeks and a Couple Clones

    kk there's 22 plants in my tent right now i'll start with the ones that are going 12/12 from seed: 12 plants total: SBHG x 1 local I don't know genetics Whip Dip x 1 World of Seed's Strawberry Blue x White Label's White Widow Hindulicious x 4 Sensi Seed's Hindu Kush x Nirvana's...
  9. M

    Perpetual 1000 watt MH/HPS DIY fox farm Soil grow

    details of grow: strain is unkown, its bagseed soil is fox farm happy frog and ocean forest mixed with lots of perlite and earthworm castings. nutrients is the fox farm trio lights are a 1000 watt metal halide and 1000 watt HPS W/ hortilux bulbs and home made reflectors...
  10. TJGrow

    Perpetual Batch Grow - Indoor Hyrdo 4 1K Lights Ebb & Flow

    Greetings and welcome to the TJGrow journal. I'm starting the journal after getting thru most of my setup and build out. I'm writing all this up in the hope of finding a few like minded online grow buddies. I always need a little help and I'm at the point where I can help others. This may not...
  11. C

    4x4 hydroton flood tub grow questions

    Hey Everyone, Im starting my second attempt at my 4x4 flood and drain grow. Im using 2 1000 watt lights over 2 4x4 tubs in a 10x11 room, one MH one Hps for veg then 2 HPS's for flowering. Last round I filled the 4x4 tubs full of hydroton and used 2 -25 gallon reservoirs to flood the tubs...
  12. jermz508

    can someone help me start my hydro grow anybody?

    IF ANYONE IS EXPERIENCED WITH HYDRO GROWS PLEASE HELP ME OUT? i have the hydro machine [for 6 plants] 1000 watt hps/mh light reflector with glass shield mylar reflective film ducting fan for good air flow ph meter reservoir water heater gh flora 3 kit [micro grow bloom] those...
  13. 420chris69

    Switched room and Leaves drooping,HELP

    So i had my mother under a 24 hour cycle under blue and red LED's in a closet, the temp was about 73 and the humidity was about 26%. It was doing great, i then finished setting up my flowering room in my garage with a 1000 watt switchable ballast running the MH, i decided to put my mother down...
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