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    Completed Beginner Grow - 5x6 Room - 1000Watt MH/HPS - PK Maui Waui Blackwater

    1st time grower. Looking for a place to keep a few photos of my progress. Feel free to add any comments, questions, tips, suggestions, etc. I will give a quick run down of what I have done so far and my setup. Around December 23rd, 2017 I placed 4 Crop King Feminized Purple Kush and some...
  2. Tokist

    Completed The Return of the Tokist - 1000W HPS Soil GH Lucas - Afghan Kush

    hola, all! i'm keeping this log short and sweet. mostly posting for those that followed my last log. this is sort of a resurrection of sorts. for you see, the clones i harvested before the last grow went south are back with a vengeance. they began as 20. space restrictions and light-hanging...
  3. HealingKronic

    Completed HealingKronic's Pure Kush 1000 Watt Grow

    well guys the economy could not keep me away for long! im back and i have one of the tastiest strains arouond. this time i have Pure Kush. now this strain is not a big yielder but the quality more than makes up for it! STRAIN: Pure Kush INDICA/SATIVA: Indica HOW MANY: 9 VEG/FLOWER: Vegging...
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