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1000w grow

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    First Grow: Auto White Widow & G-13, Indoor, Soil

    I have a tread open for this but I figured I would redo it and start it off differently. What Strain is it? Auto-White widow Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? You guys know What percentages? N/A How Many Plants? Have 4 all together but only 2 of the WW Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Veg...
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    Mystery Strains Under 1000W AirCooled

    All 8 plants are mystery seeds! I have acquired them through bags. The bud that the seeds have come from is top shelf quality. Any help in distinguishing the strain would be incredibly helpful along this journey! I am thinking that they are Indica by the way they have started growing. The...
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    Madmedscience's 1000W 12 Plant 1st Grow

    hello 420ers :) this is my first grow, im no noobie(not expert status yet neither) I've been around for a few harvest's although none of them were mine, so this will be my first crop :) Bucket Size - 5 gallon and 1 bubble bucket Medium - readygrow soil. Lights - (1) 1000w HPS cool tube...
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