1000w hps

  1. Growingasmile

    To defoliate or not to defoliate?

    I have max one week left to veg before I'm risking running out of room for the flower stretch how long does it take to recover from loli popping/defoliation? is it even worth it? what are the pro's and cons? I don't want to tie down my girls because I'm in dwc and change out my reservoir every 2...
  2. madmarv0525

    Is it possible to run hi brix in a hempy?

    Hello all I am currently working on rearranging some things with my grow I have a 1000w light on its way and I'm making my space larger. I would like to try a hi brix hempy hybrid system just don't know if it's possible. Would love to hear from doc on this but also anyone with experience in...
  3. N

    Completed Soil less 5g #8~1000hps floranova dtw

    Flora nova drained a waste simple expert Larry skywalker crystal warlock. Flora nova grow floor nova Bloom. Rapid start diamond nectar floor licious flora blend flora nectar cool bloom dry cool bloom liquid. The schedule says feed full strength every three waterings. Any advice trying...
  4. snowskate328

    Completed Snowskate's Perpetual Organic Medical Grow

    Hello Everyone!! I am starting My second grow and this will be my first post on this site. As the title says I am doing an all organic grow. I have a 1000w hps light in a 4x8 grow tent. Here is my strain list. Headband, Herojuana, Purple Voodoo, and Romulan. I have pics and also a video of my...
  5. R

    Abandoned First OG Kush Grow

    Hi Guys! Girlfriend and I just got our prescriptions and in our city we can legally grow 24plants per card - So, I immediately bought 48 (okay 49, somehow they miss counted) lil og kush babies from the dispensary. What we got goin: -4 1000W HPS -2 4x8 trays -2 110G Resi -4 Pumps - (2 extra for...
  6. K

    Abandoned G13 Clones and SSH mothers - LED/HPS

    So in my last journal I grew some SSH clones and due to having to move, continued to veg them to this day. They are now about chest high and I've been using them as mothers but I plan to flower them soon along with some of their clones. I've got some G-13 clones about 2 weeks ino their preveg...
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