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  1. smoove

    More Buckets! 1000W GWS

    so i am catching ya'll up a little late, but better than never. ok, so over the last year i have lent a couple kiefed-out hands to a good friend(i'll let you figure out who), who just finished their most recent project. helping and learning every step of the way, now it's time for me to get...
  2. Smokin Ace

    Smokin' Ace's Blue Cheese Indoor Soil- '10

    Hello everyone and welcome! :yahoo: This is my first journal and want to say input is always welcome. This isn't my first grow, but it is my first grow with multiple plants, excluding my hydro apprenticeship. Let's get started, shall we? What strain is it? Blue Cheese x5 Is it in Veg...
  3. F

    Passive Intake VS. Inline Fan (Grow Tent) wat do u think?

    Im planning on using 4x4 tent with 1000w aircooled HID.........Ive heard that i dont need intake fan just run passive intake through hole towards bottom, but i also heard passive ok but fan better. For me I like the idea of less noise and less cost thats for sure so passive sounds ideal but i...
  4. F

    Need Advice 1000w Tent Grow Yield 1 Lb

    Hey all this is my first post here and was hoping to get some feedback.....Im starting a new grow with an aircooled 1000w hps set up with a 4x4 Grow tent.....Im wondering how difficault it would be to grow 1lb of dry buds?? I figured i would cool my light with one 8" inline fan sucking air from...
  5. ultrasonic

    4x4 1000w SCROG 4xWW DWC w/ Sunpulse 3k Digital Bulb

    Hello Community! I would like to introduce my buddy and myself as first time growers as well as first time journal posters here at 420 mag. I've said it before, the community here is just great - so friendly. Now I'd like to clear something up - Initially, I had come on here talking about...
  6. Nerdly1

    Eye 1000w enhanced spectrum bulb

    Hi all, My "EYE 1000w HPS enhanced spectrum horticulture bulb" showed up today. I've been using a 400w industrial bulb for 9 months now and the difference is spectacular! My girls are VERY happy. Can you say "bright as the sun"? I'm here to tell you, this is the brightest bulb I've ever...
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