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  1. ultrasonic

    4x4 1000w SCROG 4xWW DWC w/ Sunpulse 3k Digital Bulb

    Hello Community! I would like to introduce my buddy and myself as first time growers as well as first time journal posters here at 420 mag. I've said it before, the community here is just great - so friendly. Now I'd like to clear something up - Initially, I had come on here talking about...
  2. Nerdly1

    Eye 1000w enhanced spectrum bulb

    Hi all, My "EYE 1000w HPS enhanced spectrum horticulture bulb" showed up today. I've been using a 400w industrial bulb for 9 months now and the difference is spectacular! My girls are VERY happy. Can you say "bright as the sun"? I'm here to tell you, this is the brightest bulb I've ever...