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  1. B

    My Second Grow

    Hi everyone I started my second grow. Hope all goes well. Any input and tips will be helpful. Here's my setup. Strain: 2 fast 2 vast Breeder: Heavyweight Seeds Harvest: 60 to 80 days Yield: High THC: 18% to 20% Height: 40 inches Parents: Fast and Vast and Northern Lights Grow Space...
  2. B

    Introduction / General Questions

    Hi all! So ive been browsing 420magazine for a few months now and finally decided to make an account. I've been growing outdoors for 3 months and have decided to move indoors for privacy issues. My question, In my small setup (1 or two plants, about 50x50x80cm) I will have 5x 20w CFL lights...
  3. StonerPimpson

    StonerPimpson's 4-100W Advanced LED - 5 Strain - 4x4 Tent - First Grow!

    Hello to all! This will be my first "official" cannabis grow. Ive tried in the past when I was young, but Im talking 14/15 years old popping seeds in pots and getting caught by the parents lol. So Ive never actually gotten a plant thru a full harvest. So now that Im a lot older and more...
  4. S

    New Grower - Semi-Stealth Grow Box

    1 plant is my plan a. Indoor. Soil will be purchased later. 8liter pot. 1 100w hps. 37x37x85cm semi-stealth growbox. Here it is Opened As i said its 37x37x85cm This is my light And this is my hand made carbon filter the...
  5. DutchDude

    DIY 2 - 100W CFL Reflector from HD

    I had need for some edge lighting that was relatively cheap, and easy, so Home Depot to the rescue: 1 - 10" clamp light (large reflector with clamp and cord) = $10.97 1 - lamp socket extender (with two outlets) = $2.52 1 - double lamp Y socket = $2.48 2 - 100W CLF lights, 6700k = $5.48 / 6 * 2...
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