11 strains

  1. The Dude Inhales

    Chemdawg, White Rhino, Super Bud

    Thinking of my next grow and have to choose one of three strains to grow from Greenhouse seeds (Chemdawg, White Rhino, Super Bud)...all great choices and will grow them all eventually, anyone grow these and which ones would you prefer?
  2. S

    Abandoned Shangrila's 11 Strains/Indoor/Soil

    welcome in my garden! strains: - trainwreck - lemon skunk - cheese - church - el nino - nirvana ICE - my own hibrid: ice x satori - strain unknown A - strain unknown B - strain unknown C - unknown strain from morocco starting in soil and soil/perlite mix in ~3-4 pots under...
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