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  1. Midnight snow x Led Gooey

    Midnight snow x Led Gooey

    After a 48 hour sleep Day1 of flower
  2. icecreamman

    Icecreamman's First Attempt At Making Icecream

    Good Day All, My first attempt at growing and loving it. Today I will be flipping to 12-12. I have been reading this site since May when I planted 4 ice cream seeds. I ran into a few problems, but always found the answers here. So I have decided to journal the next phase and show you...
  3. P

    First Micro Grow - Coco

    Hi Guys, So I started growing about a month ago (some bagseed), I have 2 plants now that I flipped to 12-12 a week ago. I cant tell if it is budding yet :( please help. I don't want it to grow anymore as this is just a tester. Let me know if you need more pics.