12/12 from seed

  1. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  2. Sex Wax

    Sex Wax

  3. Sativa dom week 16 harvest

    Sativa dom week 16 harvest

  4. Random dwarf plant before harvest

    Random dwarf plant before harvest

  5. Random dwarf plant harvest

    Random dwarf plant harvest

  6. Random dwarf plant harvest

    Random dwarf plant harvest

  7. Afghani  Male flower

    Afghani Male flower

  8. G

    Completed Purple Zebra x Columbian Red Point & Durban Bubble x CRP In Hempies LED & CFL 12-12 From Seed

    Growing setup... 32"x48"x60" tent 1 mars300 led 250 watt 2100k fluorescent in wing reflector 192 watts of mixed spectrum 23 watt cfl's Grown in fish aquarium gravel hempies with about 2" of coco/perlite/vermiculite as a cap to start seeds in. Nutes are KISS maxibloom only. Lighting schedule...
  9. G

    My clothes dryer for stealth cab?

    So here's what I'm looking at; my old Kelvinator clothes dryer took a dump and repair isn't really an option because of its age. Wife says it will save electricity if we hang dry, so I got this dryer with 2*2*3 ft plus of useable room and it is screaming stealth grow..... I want to use this...
  10. G

    Some interesting genetics and my new apartment friendly stealth ideas

    After being shut down for about a year now I am getting geared up for a fresh grow. In the last year I have acquired some interesting genetics. The source of my seeds is a very reputable local breeder, however these seeds are all F1 accidents (guy lost his job). They are what happen when some...
  11. C

    Week 4 of flower and most trichombs are already cloudy & milky - Is this normal?

    unknown bagseed of some loud.. stealth, cardboard box, micro grow, from 16oz solo cup to 44oz cup 4 23w 100w-eq.. no nutes 12/12 after 1 week of veg
  12. U

    Completed 420's 12/12 From Seed, SOG, Hydro NFT, Grow Journal

    :welcome: to my grow journal on :420: I wanted to share my experience as an hydro NFT grower. I've been growing for many years. Not many grow journals are made using this hydroponic NFT technique and rockwool. Even less are about both NFT and 12/12 from seed. I was looking for some grow...
  13. Sir Budlovski

    Completed Budlovskis - 12/12 From Seed - LED & CFL Journal - THC Bomb & Multiple Strains

    Hey all As some would know I'm doing some 12/12 from seed growing for awhile because of electricity cost and low funds atm and speedy harvests, plus I've got some freebie fem seeds, reg seeds and a lot of bagseeds. Strains i have started so far are THC bom(reg), WoS Amnesia(fem), double Jacky...
  14. Hungaluz

    Abandoned Hungaluz's 12/12 Perpetual Grow

    Hi All! This is my 1st growing journal, my plan is a perpetual (~monthly) harvest . So I have a homemade box: 210x210x200 but I only use 120x210 for the plants. Light :1x600w HPS(Philips Greenpower)+digilux dimmable digital ballast + adjust-a-wing reflector 1x400w...
  15. I

    12/12 lighting

    hi i will be changing the lighting on my plnats to 12/12 in the next few days and was just woundering do i just change the timer straight away for should i give them 24 hours of darkness before ??? also is it a good idea to flush my pots befor changing to the the food for flowering ?
  16. AscendedMasterKief

    Completed Kerala x Skunk & NL x Skunk - Indoors - End of 2014

    Howdy everyone, and all are :welcome: I finally decided to begin another journal.:cheertwo::high-five: This round is going to mirror one of my earlier grows a bit, as I'm going to be experimenting again with SpeeCees' No-Mercy 12/12 seed-to-harvest schedule (No Mercy Seeds 12/12 Hours 7...
  17. T

    Abandoned AK48 - 125W CFL - Stealth - 12/12 From Seed - First Grow

    Ill try update this as much as possible... This is my first attempt at this game. Only Growing because the quality and prices were i live are ridiculous. I don't expect much from this grow, But it should give me a feel. I Decided to go 12/12 from seed Strain = AK48 Lights = 125w cfl 2700k...
  18. I

    Completed Confused - Coco - AK48 12/12 from seed - 4weeks In

    Hi all, This site has been really usefull for me when trying to diagnose my plants or compare them to other peoples :). So i wanted to make my own grow journal. First ill explain the grow; Strain - AK48 (Nirvana) (5 plants) Indoor/Outdoor - Indoor Light - 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Soil or...
  19. T

    Abandoned First Grow Ever - 600W HPS - 12/12 From Seed

    Ive decided to begin a post on my super secret marijuana grow. I have been growing for about 4 weeks with a few friends and have already ran into multiple problems including temperature strees, underwatering, severe over watering (by far the worse) and spider mites. Heres a Brief Description of...
  20. Barney

    Abandoned 600W Earth Grow - 12/12 From Seed - Chemdawg - Ice - Blue Dream & More

    Hi all at 420, :420: This is my first thread on 420, so I'll start with a little about my setup and my ethos on plant TLC: Cabinet: (L x W x H) 3 x 1 x 4 Feet Ventilation: 6" exhaust fan; forced induction; fresh air drawn from open bottom-end of cabinet Light: 600w HPS...
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