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  1. Budworker.2

    BudWorker.2, Coco, 600 HPS

    Hi guys, New to here and to growing. Personal use :) . I will follow Cultivator's how to grow in coco feed program. I've got all the nutes line up. This is my first grow at the moment I'm having problems with what I think is stretching. I've watered them 150ml of 1ec ph 5.8 each day. I will get...
  2. J

    Question about helicopters using thermal imaging

    Would 29c show up if a helicopter was flying around about 200-300ft from the crop? This morning i was greeted with a helicopter flying alarmingly close! I first thought nothing of it, But they continued to circle the block of apartments for 20 minutes, Switching from the back to front I Got...