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  1. N

    What's up with this Earth Juice recipe from their site

    this is a recipe on ej website. why the verdi fire? why not add more ej grow? their big bloomin guano is just P, is this helping any? also is this recipe too strong to replace water and use at every watering? and is this recipe acceptable in a soilless medium? is there anything wrong with this...
  2. TwoBirdStoned

    Continuing problem of yellowing/dying leaves early in bloom

    Leaves are yellowing, getting brown spots, wilting, and then falling off, all in that order. This is only about 3 weeks into flower. My pennywise had the same problem and I never solved it. Now my other three plants are having the same symptoms. The most recent watering I reformulated my...
  3. C

    I don't know what I am doing wrong - 3rd grow too

    Strain: Bubbilicious predominantly indica Day: 25F Light: 100x3w Mars Hydro Soil: PRO-MIXHP MYCORRHIZAE Pot: 3 gallon smart pot (watering once a week, only watering nutes every other week) Nutes: General Hydroponics Flora Series and CaliMagic Training: Mainlining and LST Pictures: Nute Problems...
  4. I

    Nute Burn with Organics?

    Im not sure what is going on. It just started. Strain..2 Lemon skunk and 2 Money Makers 3 weeks in VEG FFOF soil 3 Gal Fab pots Earth juice line PH ??? havent checked it. Was told organics it wasnt a big problem Mars Hydro 192 Reflector LED. 3x3x6 tent Temps unstable last few days. Low of 60...