150w hps

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  2. Imagine420

    Abandoned First Grow!- Humboldt Amherst Sour Diesel - Scrog - Advice Welcome!

    First time grower here! Seeds arrived from discreet seeds, very cheap, discreet and they arrived within 5 days. I was skeptical at first but after this i will recommend them to anyone looking to order some. Seeds: 1 Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower 1 Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Autoflower...
  3. B

    White Widow First Scrog 150w hps + 70w hps 11 Days Into Flower Should I Stop Training

    Should I stop training now?
  4. G

    Arjans Haze #3. -2013

    Arjans Haze #3 - Day 20 of 12/12. Lights: HPS 2 x 150 watt. Container: 28 liter / 7,3 gallon. Soil mix: 60% organic soil, 30% perlite, 5% vermiculite, 5 % leca balls. Water: PH ≈ 6-6,5. Temp: Day [≈ 28°C / 82.4°F. Night≈ 20°C / 68°F. Plant nr 1...
  5. G

    Completed Royale Haze Soil 150w HPS Closet Grow

    First off let me say hello to the community. I am new posting but have been lurking for quite awhile. This is my first grow, so it should be entertaining. :thumb: Here are the details: What strain is it? Royal Haze from Dinafem Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Sativa Dom. Is it in Veg or...
  6. T

    Abandoned White Widow X Big Bud && Unknown

    Afternoon, I have been lurking (unregistered) around these forums for a few years, So today I decided I would actually post my own grow room. Anyway... I currently Have 5 Plants 1 Being a mother white widow (from her I have taken 9 cuttings) but I decided to flower her on the 14th of june as...
  7. LadyLiberty

    LadyLiberty Growbox Construction- 150w HPS 16in x 16in x 4ft

    Hey guys LL here, Im about to walk you through how i am making my a four foot tall semi stealth box. For a bit of background information, i have a plant going on to 3 weeks flower, and would like a safer and more consistent growing space for it. She is mostly sativa, and i would love to...
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