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  1. Cannafeld

    The 1200W or 1600W Q?

    Hi Folks , wasup? I'm interested with becoming an Indoor farmer, considering purchasing from the local sponsor here, Mars-Hydro, the grow tent and LED light, now the combination crossed my thoughts was 3' 11''x 3' 11''x 6' 7'' for the Grow Tent (120x120x200cm) along with the MARS II 1600W...
  2. Ã

    Best choice of LED Mars II for grow space

    ive got 8 plants all in their own scrog that are 60cmx60cm in the same tent and im not sure if to go for 8 400w marsII or for 2 1600w marsII it works out a tinny bit cheaper for the 2 1600w lights but not sure whats best as with the 400w lights im my head i can get closer to the plants and...