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    Autoflower might be photo - Switching back to 18/6

    The photo below may not look like a large plant, but this plant is exactly 5ft tall from the soil. It wouldn't flower so I put the room on 12-12 coming from 18-6. I got back from vacation and she is flowering now. This is day 75 for her. Is it possible she is still an Auto and I can go back...
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    Hey guys, just wondering how these are going? Any advice at all is appreciated. Dr120, parabolic reflector 600w hps, 5 inch high powered fan and rhino filter. Stated in root riot cubes and moved to 11l pots with plagron light mix. Bio bizz grow. 18-6 light schedule Blue dream auto-Humboldt...
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    Do auto's get enough light 18-6 on bloom led
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    Germination under 24-0 or 18-6?

    Alrighty I'm going to start another one up, I applied the seed to rockwool, the seedling has popped out. It hasn't folded its leafs yet, I wad needing to know 24-0 or 18-6 its all going to 18-6 regardless. I got it on 24-0 as of right now, but someone let me know suggestion. Thanks
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